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It is in spite of that Not a very good idea, People share a lot of passwords. Streaming service certificate? Yes, people go around Very little. And at work, people often share login information for shared services as well Not superGood sense. When people do this, they are usually called PWs through an insecure format – usually via email, slack, an excel sheet or word doc, or any other platform or medium that could potentially be compromised.

OK, a new service offered by Password Manager 1 password Now helps you securely share your login credentials – or, at least, More securely than before you share them.

The new feature is aptly called PSST, an acronym for which it stands Password secure sharing tool. PSST creates a secure link Your 1 password can be used to share information with anyone directly from the account – even if they don’t have an account with the company. Links are customizable – which means you can choose who has access to the link and how long it will be available. For example, the company says you can set a link to expire after a day, an hour or “1 view” – or you can extend its duration to one month. If you do not set an expiration date, the link will automatically expire within seven days. Similarly, the link can be customized to only certain authorized persons If it does have access, a user will be asked to enter their email address – and then a one-time verification code will be sent to them, allowing them to access the link and view shared information.

“We know that at home and at work, people are sharing privacy through insecure methods like passwords and API keys. 76 percent of households wrote passwords insecurely or shared them in chats or spreadsheets, for example, Said Akshay Varghese, Chief Product Officer of 1Password. “1 According to Password Research, 48% of companies use a shared document or spreadsheet to protect and manage enterprise privacy. 59% of employees share privacy via email. 81% of IT and DevOps employees (VP ​​and above) reuse privacy projects By

Yes, that’s a lot. 1 For people who use passwords, the company has provided one Step-by-step rundown How to enable its new feature. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use, so I suggest you check it out If you are guilty of reckless password sharing. (You.)

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