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The promo image of CW's 100, where the main cast of the first season is shown, as the bodies lie behind them in the background.

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Remember 100 On CW? It was a beautiful show for a difficult part of it, starting as a story of 100 teenagers Sent from space It’s down to earth to see Was Livable Again after a nuclear defeat. And then Last season Happened, and the show somehow managed to get both off the rails and make the idea of ​​a future militarization a death cult completely boring and Meaningless. That didn’t stop them from trying to set up a spinoff, which is now officially getting the ax.

TV line Spinoff was reported last night, which will probably be the title 100: Second dawn, Will not proceed to CW. It was planned to be a prequel to establish how the remnants of humanity survived the destruction of the earth. 100 Correct, belonging to a tribal group called the Grunders who also have their own language, as well as a cult that found alien ruins that provide intermittent travel. (Yes, this was the show Strange, And most of its major shows are after tackle bodysnatching AIs and world-end solar flares.)

Since setting up the show, which first aired in July 2020, network boss Mark Pedovitz has been playing a silent role on whether the show will be a success. Back in May, he even said that “negotiations are still happening,” but that seems to have come to an end. It remains to be seen whether the show will be purchased on other networks.

According to 100 Shorner Jason Rothberg, plans for it Second dawn Pre-Apocalypse life included similar flashbacks Missing, With a plan to get the characters up to space. It has been a way to set up a family 100’s The main characters are Clark Griffin, Raven Reyes and Bellamy Blake, in his eyes. “I had plans to take us there and meet our ancestors,” he told the TV line. If we’re lucky enough to tell that story, we’ll meet the great Grandpappie Blake. “So much for him.

Farewell ceremony, 100. The second time, you died as if you were alive: surprisingly permanent, but ultimately meaningless.

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