12 of the best mini-games of all time: Fishing in Zelda, Gowant and more

Blade is the runner Available at GeoG (PC)

Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003)

Geometry wars

A hugely popular racing game and Xbox exclusive, Project Gotham Racing 2 I landed in 2003 weeks before a friend took me to the garage and I tried the arcade cabinet that I discovered. Geometry wars. It’s a fun intense and chaotic top-down multi-way shooter that reminds me Robotron. I was given a hard time

Geometry wars Was popular enough to span a series with a sequel alone Geometry Wars: Reverse Evolution On the Xbox 360 And Steam (PC) Later releases have also landed on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.

Final Fantasy X. (2001) and Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

Blitzl and Triple Tri

Photo: Square

Many games do not match the epic of the series The last fantasy, Which hosts lots of mini-games. The best two are Blitzball and Triple Triad. Blitzball is a bizarre, complex, complete communication underwater game that’s very popular Final Fantasy X.. Choose to play, and it’s easy to get bored about keeping the final team together to win the tournament.

Triple Triad is a strategic card game that first appeared Final Fantasy VIII. It’s easy to realize, but it takes a while to build a good deck and has enough tactical depth to stop you. Another nice thing about Triple Trade is that you can challenge any NPC in the world in one game.

Driver (1999)

Surviving police chase

The action-packed driving game for the original PlayStation left you as an undercover cop John Tanner and ultimately equipped you to infiltrate a crime syndicate while posing as a passenger driver. If you’ve been able to remove the extremely frustrating tutorial from the parking garage, it has pushed the boundaries of extensive maps across Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

When you’re playing as a tanner, you have the option to select different driving modes, such as mini-games like checkpoint races. But survival was a bunch of choices for me. The curiosity is simple: it challenges you to survive as long as the police cars throw you on the road trying to provide you with endless.

Fallout 4 (2015)

Terminal Hacking Pip-Boy App

Photo: Bethesda

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