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If you manage Great to spend some time with yourself this weekend, hat for you. Like the protagonist of the book Gary Paulsen, you have temporarily thrown off the oppressive shackles of inner life and fled into the desert. For those of you who are going through the smoke or heat waves of the fire, we feel your pain. Over the past year we have become such experts in spending time inside our home, it becomes stale and boring after a while. You can make the house more bearable and exciting with a new toy or three. It’s all internal technology this weekend with things including smartphones, earbuds and screens.

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Laptop and tablet deals

Photo: Asus

The Flip is a 2-in-1 notebook, meaning you can use it as a regular laptop keyboard and trackpad in front of you, or you can move the keyboard away to use a touchscreen like a tablet. Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson called it his best surround model. Guide to the best Chromebooks.

Now updated with a USB-C port, the Suffrage Pro 7 is still ours Favorite 2-in-1 Surface Laptop. It comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a 3: 2 aspect ratio that is perfect for sharing work documents. It doesn’t say explicitly that it’s a deal, but it’s a similar price Amazon.

We said the Ryzen 5 model is ours Powerhouse budget laptop of choice, But this Ryzen 3 version is still pretty good, if a little less powerful. It still has the latest chips, but it will work if your computing needs aren’t too intense.

Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson called it an ideal Chromebook for schools. It’s an entry-level Chromebook that transforms into a tablet and it packs an AMD Ryzen 3 chip, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage into a metallic construction that makes it feel more beautiful than the plastic-shell competition.

When it was launched in late 2020 Fourth generation iPad Air The then-current iPad Pro’s Thunderbolt steals a lot. With Touch ID and Apple’s A14 bionic chip, the iPad will be the most needed for web surfing, video gaming and hobby-level graphical drawing.

Phone and device deals

Photo: Samsung

Senior Review Editor Julian Chakkattu Ake Renaissance phone in his review, It gives an 8/10 score and a wired reward for its smooth processor, surprisingly great 48 megapixel rear camera and two days battery life on a single charge. Activation is required for the $ 50 discount, but you can buy it now and activate it later.

OnePlus has gained a culture over the years to make premium phones and then sell them at mid-range prices. Julian gave it 8/10 and recommends WIRED rewards, And now it is cheaper than before. Caught? What’s the catch? Okay, if you want it cheap you have to get it green. But it’s really a gorgeous, deep seaside green.

Totally makes us something Favorite thin phone case. You can use Wireless MagSafe Charging and Apple Wallet’s NFC Payment App and it has no branding. The sale lasts until August 8th.

We haven’t seen such a good deal in Brio before the epidemic. Matt Janser gave it his best number The best webcam Guide to his great video.

Facebook has updated the portal To allow video conferencing on several popular platforms late last year, and senior associate review editor Adrian Soe Liked the portal for zoom calls. It automatically tracks on-camera topics, so people won’t be surprised if they think you have your own personal videographer when they see all the fancy zoom and panning.

Audio Deal

Photo: Amazon

Reviewer Parker Hall Gave them an 8/10 and a wired recommendation award For their good sound quality, the charging case and integration with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant. Just say “Hey Alexa” when you’re wearing them and Alexa will be called like your personal gene.

Click the “Apply Coupon” button before checkout to get your 15 percent off. Hall and review editor Jeffrey Van Camp both said words like these earbuds cost two to three times the price in their guide. The best wireless earbuds for every mood. They’ve only gotten six hours of use on a full charge, but Bud’s IPX5 water-resistance rating means sweaty exercises won’t turn them into phases.

These are expensive, but reviewer Parker Hall says you get what you pay for – an incredible listening experience. He gave them a reward 8/10 and a wired recommendation label, Although their high price and 20-hour battery life is not great.

Click the “Apply Coupon” button before checkout to get your $ 20 discount. Roku Hall Our favorite streaming device, And its soundbar combines 4K video support and a voice-enabled remote with good speakers. Of course, that doesn’t include a subwoofer – you have to pony up 180 for thisUt but it’s still a big deal.

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