Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Image of the article titled Feds Joins Mass Arrest of 150 People in Dark Net Drug Dealing

Pictures: Roberto Smidt / AFP (Getty Images)

U.S. judiciary, U.S. and European authorities have arrested several people on charges of involvement in the dark web drug business Announcement On tuesday.

The so-called “Dark Hunter” integrated police operation involved a large number of law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Justice’s Crime Division, Europol and other U.S. agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Postal Service.

So far, “HunTor” has arrested 150 people worldwide, as well as confiscated about $ 31.6 million from both cash and digital currencies (aka Bitcoin and other crypto). Police say they seized an estimated 234 kilograms of the drug, including 200,000 opioid pills and a huge amount of various amphetamines, cocaine and MDMA.

Of those taken into custody, 65 have been arrested in the United States in 14 states, officials said Tuesday. There have also been arrests in seven different European countries.

The police Tell me That investigation has grown since the operation conducted earlier this year, with Darkmarket takedown—What was then the largest Dark Web Marketplace in the world. The seizure of Darkmarket’s infrastructure led to intelligence information that helped police track down Darknet operators, officials said.

Speaking a Press conference On Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco claimed that the operation took almost a year to complete and resulted in “countless lives” being saved.

“This massive 10-month international law enforcement campaign is spread across three continents and involves dozens of U.S. and international law enforcement agencies to send a clear message that they are dealing in illicit drugs lurking in the darknet: no dark internet. We can and we will turn on a light, ”said Monaco. “Operation Dark Hunter has prevented the loss of countless lives in this dangerous trade of illegal and counterfeit drugs.”

There is the US Increasingly sought after To use international partnerships as a way to fight cybercrime. In June, the judiciary announced Operation Trojan Shield, A huge investigation of organized crime networks around the world that have used international partnerships. Reuters also recently reported that the FBI is coordinating with other countries Target and hack Ransomware Gang Reveal, as a way to disable the destructive cyber criminal group.

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