16 Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Tablets, Webcams and more

Did you see Live Saturday night With Elon Musk Last week? Up your cryptocurrency? Or down? Or up and then down and then again depending on what the market might be At any given moment? Well, if you’re looking for ways to spend your recently acquired assets or try to console yourself for the money of all your fictional computers, you’re in luck: we’ve spent weeks bargaining on the web for our favorite technology. You may not be able to relax on that private island off the Maine coast, but at least you can pick up a great pair of AirPods Pro earbuds!

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The AirPods Pro is 52 off

AirPods Pro.

Photo: Apple

Years later AirPods Pro Came out. At the time, no other earbuds replaced them as such Our top pick for iPhone owners. In fact, I’m wearing them (Adrian) right now! If you still need earbuds to sit in a comfortable and convenient work room combined with great sound-canceling technology, this is a great time to take it.

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Lenovo P11 Pro.

Photo: Lenovo ov

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