21-year-olds often die of heart failure after drinking four energy drinks a day

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Doctors in the UK say a young man with heavy energy drinks almost died most of the year. In a new report this week, they detailed how the man developed heart failure, probably linked to his habit of drinking four energy drinks a day for two years as a result of which he was admitted to the intensive care unit but fortunately survived.

According to reports, Published A 21-year-old man in the UK went to a local hospital on Thursday with complaints of shortness of breath and bloating, according to a BMJ case report. Her symptoms, which included weight loss, tremors, a racing heartbeat and general fatigue, started four months ago and were getting worse. Her health deteriorated to the point that she stopped going to school three months ago. Tests soon revealed that both the man’s heart and kidneys were the cause of his brain damage and temptation.

The man refused to use alcohol or other drugs and nothing else in his family history seemed to indicate a unique vulnerability to heart problems. But for the past two years, he has been drinking about 50,000 ml cans of energy drinks every day.

Eventually, the doctors decided that the man’s heart failure was probably due to his heavy energy drink intake which probably continued to damage his heart slowly over time. His kidney failure, on the other hand, was a chronic obstruction of urination in both the kidneys and ureters, but was probably not related to energy drink habits or subsequent heart damage.

Both conditions threatened to kill him without intensive care and he was transferred to a specialized hospital three days after his admission. He spent 58 days in the hospital, spending most of his time on dialysis, but was eventually released into relatively decent health.

“There is no question that his failure to detect and treat heart failure, including treatment for blood clots in his heart when he performed poorly, could put him at very high risk of death from heart failure or potentially fatal stroke,” said study author Andrew D’Silva. , Guys, a cardiologist at the NHS Foundation Trust in St. Thomas and a researcher at King’s College London, told Gizmodo in an email.

The authors note that young and seemingly healthy people are not the first to experience heart damage associated with the use of energy drinks. In 2012, physicians Report A case similar to that of a 24-year-old man whose heartbeat needs to be ventilated. And just last year, physicians Report A case in which a 26-year-old needed 10 months of treatment with mechanical assistance that resulted in heart failure associated with energy drinks.

These cases may seem rare, but it is not yet clear how these drinks may contribute to heart damage. One possible culprit is the jumbo dose of caffeine they can drink. Stimulants like caffeine can make the heart faster and stronger which is not the case, D’Silva notes. But he also suspects that some people are more sensitive to the negative health effects that can come with heavy caffeine use than others.

“In some people, when the heart expands faster than it needs to for a long time, it can temporarily weaken the heart. Also, if the heart is stimulated to beat more vigorously, it can become over-stimulated and down-regulate its receptors on stimuli, including normal body fight hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, as part of the normal ‘fight and flight response’. “This can lead to temporary weakness as the heart becomes less sensitive to normal controls.”

For now, these possible explanations are still speculation. And overall, more research is needed to investigate energy drinks and heart problems, including determining whether some individuals are more at risk.

As for the young man, de Silva said he was doing very well by stopping using his energy drinks. Although her kidneys are still disabled and she may eventually need a transplant, tests show that her heart seems to have returned to normal. He has been able to walk miles without any problems and is no longer experiencing problems such as shortness of breath or fluid retention. Many may be unaware of the dangers of using energy drinks, but he hopes that people will learn from his experience.

“I think there should be more awareness about energy drinks[s] And the impact of their content. I believe they are very addictive and much more accessible to young children, ”the man wrote in the patient’s perspective. “I think warning labels, like smoking, should be designed to illustrate the potential dangers of energy drink ingredients.[s]”

Doctors should too Stay tuned for the possibility that energy drinks could cause this type of heart problem, although only other causes can be ruled out after an investigation, D’SilvA.

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