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Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, was spotted fighting with Virginia State Police in Charlottesville, Amnesipaton Park, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, after Unite The Wright was declared an illegal gathering.

Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, was spotted fighting with Virginia State Police in Charlottesville, Amnesipaton Park, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, after Unite The Wright was declared an illegal gathering.
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On Tuesday, the judge said Transfer down A mixed but widespread victory for the plaintiffs A. Spacious suite Unite at the right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia against the organizers of the catastrophic 2017, where A team White supremacists, Nazis and other neo-fascists Revealed On the city, The resulting Inside Violent riots And a Terrorist car attack Which killed one and injured many more.

Nine plaintiffs in the case Science v. Kessler, Represented by a group called Integrity First for America, all suffered physical or emotional damage as a direct result of Unite the Right. By quoting a law called the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, they sought to prove that the organizers of the rally were involved in a conspiracy to incite violence on the basis of racial animosity. 24 co-defendants, ranging from the country’s most prominent fanatics White hegemonic activists Richard Spencer And Daily Stomer Founder Andrew Anglin To organizations such as the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and the League of the South, instead insisted that the violence was due to anti-fascist and weak police response. The four-week case was built on a mountain of compounded evidence against the defendants, many of whom were attention-hungry providers or self-styled digital influencers who primarily enjoyed Exemption from technology company By August 2017 the rally had presumably come down to barbarism. Evidence range From Discord Chat And phone logs and recorded live emailsExtensive preparation of co-defendants, and subsequently, shows the trends in the celebration of violence

After three days of deliberations, the judge on Tuesday said they were adamant in two federal claims in the case that brought KKK under the law. T.The first of which was the original claim of conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence, and the second involved whether the co-defendants knew of such a conspiracy and failed to stop it. However, the judges ruled against the accused in four more cases. The jury found that each of the defendants violated the state of Virginia’s civil conspiracy law, while one of them violated an additional state law prohibiting harassment or violence based on race, religion or caste. The other two claims relate exclusively to Alex James Fields Jr., a white supremacist who is serving multiple life sentences for pushing a car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing activist Heather Hair and injuring countless others.

All told, this means that all defendants have been found guilty of at least one claim, with the jury paying more than $ 25 million in damages. By doing so, the court verified that the orthodox organizers of Unite the Right had taken part in an illegal conspiracy.

In the state of Virginia’s first conspiracy lawsuit, the jury paid $ 500,000 in punitive damages against 12 individual defendants (including Jason Kessler holds the assembly permit, Spencer, Matthew Heinbach, former NSM commander Jeff Scope, and captive neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, as well as $ 1 million in compensation against five white nationalist organizations (Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party, NSM, Vanguard America, League) . That’s a total of 11 million.

Five defendants (Kessler, Spencer, neo-Nazi Elliott Klein, Daily Star contributor Robert “Azmador” Ray, and Cantwell) are liable for ক্ষ 200,000 each in punitive damages and two plaintiffs (Natalie) Romero and Devin in the second state lawsuit regarding harassment and violence. ) A total of $ 500,000 has been paid for compensatory damages.

In claims five and six, Fields is liable for approximately 1.5 million in damages and $ 12 million in punitive damages.

Seven additional defendants, including Anglin and the far-right umbrella group Nationalist Front, have already been defaulted. By the court for reasons such as non-appearance or destruction of evidence. According to ABC News, The court will decide that loss separately.

It is possible that some punitive damages may be reduced. Virginia State Conspiracy Claim, CNN mentioned, The plaintiffs were given only nominal compensation. In recent decades, one with a precedent 2003 Supreme Court judgment Usually a frown has been made on the high proportion of punitive damages.

However, the results of the rally and the legal costs arising from the IFA lawsuit filed in 2017 have already occurred. Extremely harmful To many of the co-defendants. Spencer’s racist think tank, the National Policy Institute, has been effectively inactivated, and he cited the case. “Financially crippled.” Other groups, such as the NSM, have fallen into internal turmoil, while some of the successors, such as Identity Evropa and TWP, have split or completely dissolved. Tuesday The verdict will probably carry the same amount for the other defendants, as well as ensure that nothing already financially damaged will be recovered.

“This case sends a clear message: Violent hatred will not be answered. There will be accountability, “said Amy Spitalnik, IFA’s executive director, in an emailed statement to Gizmodo. Underscores the financial, legal, and operational consequencesEven this case has already had a significant impact. “

“And in a time of growing extremism, a major threat to our democracy and very little justice, this case has provided a model for accountability,” Spitalnik added. “This trial has allowed our plaintiffs to tell the full, gruesome story of Unite the Right – and reveals disgusting, violent tactics at the core of how the white supremacist movement works.”

Spitalnik added that the IFA was grateful for the courage of the plaintiffs and committed to reassuring the defendants. To be able toThere is no relief from loss.

A lawyer with a history of defense Anti-Semitic remarks And allies With the very right, Josh Smith calls the verdict a win for his clients: Heimbach, TWP, and TWP co-founder / former web admin Matthew Parrot.

“It simply came to our notice then. It will be difficult for 11 people to agree, ”said Smith Told CNN. “I consider a hanging jury to be a win considering the inequality of resources.”

In a separate statement to the media, the plaintiffs wrote, “It’s been four years since we first brought this case. Today, we can finally celebrate the verdict of the jury holding the defendant like [Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer and Christopher Cantwell] They are responsible for what they did to us and to everyone else in the Charlottesville community who stood up against hate in August 2017. “

“Our single greatest hope is that today’s judgment will encourage others to feel safe to raise our collective voice in the future to speak out for human dignity and against white supremacy,” they added.

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