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The iPadS Comes with a split screen feature to allow users to multitask between different apps. In the Safari browser, you can use Split View to browse two web pages at the same time or use another app parallel to your iPad. Since this is easily enabled, it is very common for you to accidentally open a multi-window, resulting in a resize of the Safari window or only visible on half the screen. For those who want to get rid of it, here is how to turn off Split Screen View in Safari browser. IPad.

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Turn off split screen view in Safari on iPadOS 15 running iPad

There are three different ways to open Split View on Safari on an iPad:

  • Long press Window button And select New window in split view.
  • Or use Multitasking buttons (…) At the top of the screen.
  • Or Drag and drop the link On the left or right edge of the screen.

This makes people tend to toggle multi-window mode when they accidentally swipe the browser. So, if you are wondering why your Safari has two different tabs on the same screen, it is because of the split screen.

There are several ways to close the split screen view, as shown below. All steps have been attempted on the latest running iPad Air iPad 15.1.

Method 1- Close the Safari split view using the multitasking button

The easiest way to turn off Split View in Safari Browser is through multitasking buttons, as follows:

  1. Hold your iPad in landscape or portrait mode.
  2. Tap Multitasking button (three dots) You want to keep the tab open.
  3. Click In full screen mode, As shown in the screenshot.Turn off Safari Split View on iPad
  4. The other tab will be closed and you will be back to normal in Safari.Turn off Safari Split View on iPad

Method 2- Drag the split view divider

In split view mode, the two tabs in the Safari browser split by a bar. You can drag the bar to resize any one of the windows and exit the split screen.

Turn off split screen view on iPad Safari

No no Drag the divider bar on either side of the screen. If you want to hold the tab on the left, drag the bar to the right side of the screen. Or, if you want to keep the tab to the right, drag the bar to the left side of your iPad screen.

Turn off split screen view on iPad Safari

The other tab closes automatically and you return to the normal one-window view in the Safari browser.

Method 3- Merge all windows to close the split screen

Another way to turn off Split Screen View on Safari on your iPad is to merge all windows. Once you do this, all the tabs will be merged into a single window and you can switch between them individually.

  1. In any one of the open tabs, press and hold Window button In the upper right corner.Exit the split screen in Safari on the iPad
  2. A menu will appear. Here, select Merge all windows.Exit the split screen in Safari on the iPad
  3. That’s it. This will close the split-screen and merge all open tabs into the general view.

Bonus – Close the Safari Split tab from the Recent Apps menu

Close Safari Multi Window Screen

You can close the split view by clearing one of the two tabs from the recently used apps menu. Swipe up from the bottom bar to open the latest app screen on your iPad. Then, swipe up to remove the tab you want to close in Safari.

You can now reopen Safari without a two-tab window. This is not a straightforward method but an option for those who want to close the split view on safari without much hassle.

Avoid accidentally opening the split screen on the iPad

To avoid split screen view when browsing the web on Safari or any other app on your iPad, place a note with a three-dot button in the center-top of your screen. Accidentally pressing or dragging the button will change the size and appearance of the window.

Get rid of the split screen on Safari on the iPad

There were some quick ways to turn Split Screen View on or off in your iPad’s Safari browser. I hope this helps you get rid of the two-window or half-screen view that you may accidentally come across. However, what do you think about the iPad’s split view feature? Do you find it useful? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more.

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