Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Two versions of Barry Allen as Supergirl in The Flash and Ezra Miller as Sasha Cale (right).

Pictures: Warner Bros.

The film community Cried Earlier this week when the news spread that Jared Leto Morbius Was delayed From April. Marvel refers to vampiric antihero The next addition Which has expanded into the world of Spider-Man movies Some interesting ways Recently, however, it did not work out for a 30-second frontman on Mars. Overall, this is its seventh delay: the first was meant for the summer of 2020, with the epidemic pushing Sony back several times in the hope that it might be a Poison– Size success. (In addition to the Omicron variant, Blockbuster success Of Spider-Man: No Way Home This can also be attributed to the recent delay.)

In the end, these delays are trivial, but they hurt Tough For the superhero genre. MCU prides itself on its pace of progress, and 2020 was significant in that no MCU movie was released at all, leading many to re-evaluate their relationship with Disney’s megafranchise. Even Warner Bros. ‘ How the universe of heroes remains unclear Tie together As they are waiting Flash To reset everything.

Inspired by Morbius’ New pushback, we’ve decided to look back at some of the most notorious delays that superhero movies have faced in recent years. Not everyone is bound by the epidemic, and not everyone is out yet, but they are significant for how much their dates have changed around.

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