7 Emergency Preparation Apps To Keep On Your Phone

The last 20 Saw the year Increase To the extent of climate-related disasters and their destruction. It has become increasingly important to be prepared for natural disasters, including the ones you don’t expect, including, for example, the worst experience in Texas in February 2021 Winter storm Decades, resulting in power outages across the state. A growing number of applications on the market provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for a natural disaster a few months in advance and what to do during an emergency.

Responsible for my family as individuals Emergency planning Since fourth grade, I have been using Red Cross checklists for years Pack tight emergency kits, And recently included applications in my preparation. To get expert opinion on the best (and worst) app features out there, I talked to two experts, Banana O’Connell, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Mitch Stripling, National Director for Emergency Preparedness and Response to Planned Parenthood.

Here is what I learned and the expertly recommended apps.


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FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Known for helping Americans during natural disasters, but did you know that they have an app to prepare before, during and after an event? More than 20 emergency data are available from the Himsagar to the winter weather. O’Connell advises you to take a screenshot of these tips to save the phone’s battery in real emergencies.

The app links to key numbers like 911 and FEMA, so if you’re ready or in danger, you’ll be able to get help in one place. In the aftermath of a flood, there are also guidelines for starting your flood insurance claim to protect you and make you more financially sustainable.

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