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Although it is quite simple Download Instagram Reel, Some of you may prefer to download audio only. You may want to download the reel audio to set as your phone’s ringtone, use it as your relay, or save it as an MP3 file for offline listening. However, here are some quick ways to download and save audio from Instagram Reel to your phone and PC.

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Download Instagram Reels Audio on Android, iOS and PC

You can save real audio on Instagram or download it as MP3 for offline listening through various channels. Or, if you have already downloaded a reel, you can convert it to an audio file. All procedures are detailed below.

Method 1- Save the reel audio in the Instagram app

Like photos and videos, Instagram offers a built-in option for storing audio from reels. So, instead of downloading, you can save the audio in the app as shown below.

1. Open Instagram and play the reel you want to download audio from.

2. Click Audio title At the bottom left it will open the audio screen.

3. Here, click Save audio. The audio will be saved in your Instagram account.

You can use it to play music and watch other reels on the audio screen. You can also tap Use audio To create your own reel with that audio.

View and use saved reel audio

1. Open your profile page and click Hamburger menu Above.

2. Next, click Saved.

3. On the next screen, click Myth.

4. You will find all the saved reel audio here. Tap The game Icon next to play song preview.

You can tap more to open the song’s page. You can use Use audio Buttons to create a new reel with instantly selected audio.

Use stored audio to create reels

Another way to add audio stored in your relay is when creating a reel.

1. Open the Instagram camera, switch the relay

2. Record the video. You can do this after adding music.

3. Then, click Music Icon

4. Tap Saved Select the top and music.

5. Specify the audio part you want to add to your video.

Method 2- Download Instagram Reel Audio using Websites

Several third party websites allow you to download and download real sound without any video part. If you want to save Reel MP3 audio to your phone’s storage for offline listening, follow these steps:

1. Open the reel and click Three-point menu Down.

2. Click Copy the link.

3. Now, open your browser and go

4. Here, paste the copied link and tap Convert.

5. Wait for the audio to come out of the reel. Once done, tap Download audio.

Method 3- Download the full Instagram reel audio using the link

The audio of the reels may vary depending on their duration and the parts used by the manufacturer. Fortunately, it is possible to download the entire song instead of the specific part used in the relay shown below.

1. Open Instagram and play Reel.

2. Tap Audio name At the bottom left to open the audio screen.

3. Here, tap Three points And click Copy the link.

4. Now, open the browser on your phone. Head

5. Once the site is loaded, paste the taped reel audio link in the box provided and tap Enter. Give it some time to process.

6. Next, long-press “Save link” Button and click Download link.

Method 4- Convert the reel to MP3 using online converter

You can download reel video and convert it to MP3 audio using an online video converter website. This can be especially useful when you already have video on your phone

1. Open your browser and see

2. Here, click File selection.

3. Select the downloaded reel from your phone’s storage.

4. Click Convert. Once the conversion is done, download the reel audio.

Method 5- Convert the reel to MP3 audio using the converter app

Alternatively, you can convert Instagram Reel video to audio using a third-party converter app on your Android or iPhone. Here’s how to convert a reel to MP3 audio:

On Android

1. Download MP3 Video Converter to your Android phone.

2. Open the app and give the necessary permissions.

3. Then, click Select And select the downloaded reel video.

4. Click Copy (AAC) And convert the format to MP3 (optional).

5. Tap Convert To extract audio from reel video.

Download MP3 Video Converter

On iPhone or iPad

1. Download Media Converter from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Open it and click + In the upper right corner.

3. Select Photo Library And allow access.

4. Now, look and Select the downloaded reel If the video does not appear in the library, go to Files, play the video, tap the Share menu, and tap Save Video.

5. Once the video has been added to the app, tap and click on it Extract audio.

6. Confirm settings and click Start the conversion.

It will now extract the audio from the reel video in a few seconds. You can then play the audio, set it as your ringtone, or share it wherever you want.

Download Media Converter

Method 6- Convert reel video extension to MP3 (Android or PC)

Another option is to convert the downloaded reel video file extension to MP3. This is a traditional hack that lets you play and use the audio of a video without having to convert the format. Here’s how it works:

1. Open the file manager on your Android phone. Here, we are using Files by Google.

2. Go to the downloaded Instagram reel video.

3. Tap Three points Next to the file.

4. From the available options, click Change the name.

5. Remove the .mp4 extension from the file name. Replace it with mp3, As shown in the screenshot.

6. Click All right. Tap Change the name To confirm if requested.

You can now play reel audio using a music player, set it as a ringtone, or use it in your videos while editing.

Method 7- Extract reel audio from video in video editor

Downloading reel video and converting it to audio can be a hassle. Fortunately, you can use audio directly from downloaded videos to edit apps like Inshot and VN Editor. Below, we show the steps to import reel video as audio to Inshot Video Editor:

1. Download Reel Video on your Android or iPhone.

2. Next, install the Inshot Video Editor using the links below.

3. Open the InShot editor and add the video you want to mix reel audio.

4. In the editor, tap Music Button and tap Track.

5. Click Extract audio from video And select the downloaded reel video.

That’s it. Inshot will extract the audio from the reel and mix it into the current video. By default, you’ll hear audio from video as well as merged reel audio. To mute the original audio of the video, go back to the editor window, click on the video and tap on the audio icon.

Download Insights for Android Insights for iOS

Unwrapping the wrapper

These were easy ways to download and save audio from Instagram reels to your iPhone, Android phone or PC. Also, we’ve outlined steps for using reel audio when editing your own relay or video. I hope this helps you to save and save your favorite reel songs to listen offline Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and how-tos like this.


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