Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

It’s not hard Make a decent insulated water bottle. I rarely find one that a cold drink can’t keep cold or hot drinks hot, and rarely fails miserably to keep liquids inside them. What sets reusable water bottles apart nowadays is their form and features: better lids, stiffer finishes and the development of smaller designs. Something more beautiful to use, easier to sip and more ergonomic to hold. Others will pay better fare on a trail hanging from a pack.

No matter where or when you’re using one, a reusable bottle is a great idea for cutting out single-use plastic from your life. The same goes for non-insulating water bottles, whose main function is not to leak. I have tested many brands of different types of reusable bottles. Below I liked (and a few I didn’t like).

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Updated October 2021: We adjusted the stock and price, and we added a pick to our esteemed mentions.

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