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It turns out that some mEmbers of cArrival Make the five-day workweek as trivial as the rest of us. This week, California representative Mark Takano introduced Groundbreaking law means four days work week in the United States instead of Monday-to-Friday ground fulltime Workers have learned to accept it as inevitable.

“Many countries and businesses that have experimented with the four-day workweek have seen this increase in productivity and wage growth as a remarkable achievement,” Takano said. A statement He went on to add that about the proposed legislation, especially after the epidemic that left many Americans Unemployed And uncertain about their financial future, a brief hug Workweek “will allow more people to participate in the labor market for wages.”

Takano came up with one Clever way to turn on 5-day, 40-hour Workweek lasts 4 days and 32 hours instead. In particular, his draft law would lower the maximum hourly limit for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). For those who are ignorant, FLSA is a Federal labor law Went back to the late 1930s Which gives the minimum wage to most workers across the country and “Time and a half“Overtime pay when those workers work more than 100 hours a week.

By lowering the threshold for what “overtime” is and isn’t, Takano’s proposal argues that more people will be able to access some of those sweet overtime pay that is currently available for working more than 40 hours per week.

“I am introducing this law to reduce the standard workweek to 2 hours a day, because now people are working longer than before when their salaries are stable,” Takano continued. “We cannot accept this as our reality.”

The idea of ​​a 2-hour workweek is gaining traction elsewhere in the world. Back in 2019, John MacDonald – who was then a senior Chancellor of the UK Labor Party On record 322 hours of workweek will be possible in the next decade. Most recently, Spain poured in 50 million euros (roughly $ 60 million USD) Nationwide pilot For a four-day work week. Over the next three years, the Spanish government will finance companies that need hands to make 2-hour model switches; And if it is introduced, the country will implement the first four-day standard at the national level. And it is far from the same (already successful trial) that we have seen Iceland, Japan, And New Zealand.

Of course, California’s proposed legislation is about to face a final battle before it enters the Senate for approval – it still needs a committee and review. Members of the House of Representatives-All regular parts of it General churning Turn A bill Doubtless the law and the newcomers are going to be the ones who get angry with the choice of money to focus on the FLSA, which Not applicable Some workers, such as private contractors or in gig economics. In the short term, however, this national bill could encourage all employers to reconsider their policy over the weekend.

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