A hacker added online multiplayer to the Game Boy version of Tetris

Not too long ago, Nantinto gave the world a new spin to the genre of war on addiction. Tetris 99. If that game strengthens your competitive instincts – and rekindles your love for crazy block-stacking – then this new hack for Ozzy Tetris Maybe a professional tinker has come up with a way for you to add multiplayer online Game boy Version of the iconic game from 1989.

Those who are old or lucky have gained enough experience in the old school Tetris Handheld game links can be reminiscent of using wire accessories to turn heads. We will be StackmashingIts hack basically uses a tricked out USB adapter (Which depends on one Raspberry pie pico And some level shifter) to connect to Game Boy’s link port to bring it online. As a result, two or more people can play against each other on the Internet from anywhere in the world. The hack works with a wider Game Boy family, including Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Advance.

Needless to say, it takes a lot more effort behind the scenes to see it. First, stacksamasing is engineered to reverse data from an actual link cable. To manage communications, Tinker has created an open source software stack that includes a Python server and a web USB frontend. This ultimately gives Game Boy the technique to still think in a two-player match when in reality, multiple players can engage with the web interface by keeping tabs on your progress.

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