A hacker gang was trying to extort পুলিশ 4 million from DC police

The article, titled Hacker Gang, depicts an attempt to extort 4 million from DC police. An attempt has been made to raise money from the DC police for this

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A ransom group called Babuk Locker is trying to exchange পুলিশ 4 million to the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., but talks between police and criminals have recently broken down, according to leaked documents.

Several weeks ago a cyber criminal group Announces that it has been stolen MPD’s data – about 250 gigabytes – contains several thousand pages of sensitive internal documents, including disciplinary files on officers and spies on local gang activity and informative programs. The police department later confirmed that it had been hacked.

Since then, the Babuk company has been trying to extort money, threatening to leak sensitive internal documents if police do not pay them. Related Two weeks ago, the group leaked a limited amount of information on the web, revealing files to a select number of current or former MPD officials.

On Tuesday, an apparent communication breakdown between the two groups resulted in MPD data being leaked to the web.GB file.

In a statement posted on their leaked site, the perpetrators said:

“The discussion is over, the amount we were offered is not suitable for us, we are posting on 20 more personal file officers, you can download this archive, the password will be revealed tomorrow. If they do not raise prices tomorrow, we will release all the data.

The perpetrators also posted screenshots of what appeared to be a conversation between themselves and the police, and provided a clear window into how the ransom was negotiated. Screenshots show that the hackers demanded 4 4 million in exchange for the information, but police claimed they were only willing to pay 100 100,000.

At one point Babuk addressed the police department with a perfect, dead eye, claiming that there were only financial interests, not political ones. April 28, The gang said:

Babuk: We want to let you know that we are not interested in other issues in international politics and government, conflict, etc. Our offer to you is to pay us for the deletion of the information we collect and we issue a warning statement to the website for other people not to infiltrate US government agencies. How does it sound to you?

Despite several days of lagging behind between the criminal gang and the police, the police negotiator seemed to be a sign of interest in paying for the information, even though it was not the million dollars allocated. A message Date 10 May Goes as follows:

PD: Our offer is to pay $ 100,000 to prevent the release of stolen data. If this offer is not acceptable, it seems that our conversation is complete. I think we both understand the consequences of not reaching an agreement. We are right in that consequence.

Babuk: This is unacceptable to us. Follow our web site at midnight.

Within a very short time, the police department began publishing information on the group’s website. A spokesman for the police department did not immediately return a request for comment from Gizmodo. We’ll update this story if we hear it again.

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