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The group of mystery men are standing together wearing very ridiculous superhero costumes.

Mystery men cast.
Pictures: Disney / Touchstone

1999 review Superhero comedy Mystery Men Was not a good decision. But it was a I decided for specific, good reasons. I saw Mystery Men When it was initially released and didn’t take care of it. Did not hate, Just don’t care about it. But, as we all know, in the years following the release, the pillars that were built Mystery Men Has become unique at that time Much more mainstream.

To begin with, it was a Superhero Comic Book Adaptation – Still Something Novel at that time. See any of these in the last 15 years? Plus it was the subject of that joke, which you viewers would have imagined for a decade Tim Burton Batman, And two years away from Sam Reimer Spiders are human, May not be fully appreciated after seeing more daring rents like 1999 The uterus Or South Park Musical spoops work best when they are spoofing something very popular. At the time, comic book movies were nowhere near that popular. So with having the film Just pop up on Netflix, I thought maybe the last two decades could help my fake movies and superhero epic static food Brighten this film in a different, better light. It didn’t. For example, at all. In fact, it probably made it even worse.

Based on a dark horse comic by Bob Burden, Mystery Men Neil Coutbert (author) Disney To deceive As well as the 2007 Eddie Murphy movie The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Which was his last screenplay). It stars Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and the Blue King as Ben Steeler, William H. Massey and Hank Azaria Wanabe as superheroes. The trio live in Champions City, which was apparently designed to look like Tim Burton’s Gotham City, And is primarily policed ​​by a hero named Captain Amazing (Greg Kinner). Surprisingly there are no villains left in his job so well, so he works to break his personal enemy Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush) for more personal propaganda. Casanova has nothing – and BEtrays and amazing captures, the trio leave as the only man who can save Champion City from the villain’s evil plans.

Picture of the article titled I Don't Care for Mystery Men, and now I hate it

Pictures: Disney / Touchstone

Mystery Men It starts with that basic arrogance and through Captain Amazing’s strategy it seems like it’s going to dismantle some of the superhero celebrity ideas, the conflict between the heroes and much more. Very fast though, it is Too Apparently the film has no purpose in anything. In fact, it has no idea what it wants to be at all. Obviously, it’s not supposed to be serious, but the characters Is Seriously, completely ignorant of the stupidity of this world. Of course, it’s supposed to be a joke, but there’s almost no sense of humor. And frankly, we like to think that this is a world where people have superpowers, but that has never really been made clear. The whole thing seems to have shown a bunch of incredibly talented actors Set because they heard that other incredibly talented actors were going to be there, dressed in some ridiculous costumes, got no direction and just started saying lines.

Every character in the movie, from the character to the plot, the borderline is embarrassing. Azaria’s character, Neil Raja, is an American who pretends to be British but is dressed as if he were Indian. If it seems problematic, because it is. So much for that The film spends several scenes with Azaria – who also gave voice to Apu Simpsons Until very recentlyIte literally talking about just having this problem. Russia’s Casanova Frankenstein tells Captain Amazing that he plans to assassinate her at midnight the next night, only then can the film plot in at least a week or two, only to have to turn around and pretend there is still a timeline Lives in an abandoned amusement park without. Smash Mouth’s song “All Star” is played twice in one of the most well-known things in the movie – once on the final scene of the last credits, which is understandable and other times what the training montage is going to be but in the end. Three characters cut six quickly across the hot coals, before the song faded. I can probably spend another 2,000-3,000 words fixing every flaw in the movie, which constantly stands on top of each other to reach new heights of horror.

Watching the movie you really question whether Usher had any idea what he was trying to do. Did he direct these actors? Was this a primitive idea of ​​the world? The movie feels like it’s going to be a natural climax – with the crew infiltrating the villain’s party – just for them to leave, reorganize and return the same night, all of which were the last 455 minutes of the movie. Yes, just when you think Mystery Men Going to end, there are still 45 minutes left. Lots of time to emphasize romance (thanks to the waitress character played by Claire Forlani) and Create some weird sexual arousal between Azaria’s character and her mom.

I dont care for Mystery Men article pics, and now I hate it

Pictures: Disney / Touchstone

A few times Mystery Men It almost works when it centers on survivalHe played Pauline, a protagonist, Paul Rubens. Splinter Forts – this is his superpower – but Rubens seems to be the only member of the cast acting like someone who knows he’s in a comedy movie. Maybe he got the note it was supposed to be a comedy no one else did. One thing is for sure, Ben Stiller did not receive the memo. Coming There is something about Mar.y, everyone loved the weird, loving Ben Steeler. And yet, that love is completely invisible for a performance that is angry and impossible, similar to its previous roles. Happy Gilmore Or Heavyweight. (Note that Steeler followed Mystery Men With Zulander And Meet the parents-wHitch, at first glance, almost seems like an apology.) Steeler’s average, off-putting hero at the center of the movie gives the whole thing an unexpected edge, which adds to Messi’s performance as well as the late addition to the superhero team starring Jenin Garofalo and Kel Mitchell. Place

I have to stop. Writing something bad about Mystery Men Very simple, Which I wish it wasn’t. I hope the film will again reveal something new, something interesting, something fun. But it did not happen. Instead, I’m angry that this film, with this level of talent, has gotten as bad as it got.

Mystery Men Now on Netflix.

The mystery of the Great Kinna Captain among the men is amazing.

Mystery of the Great Kinna as the amazing captain among men.
Screenshot: Touchstone / Netflix

Different music:

  • In Casanova Frankenstein’s Big Villains Bash, he combined “evil” stereotypes like militants and kabuki killers. It’s all terrible. But there is also a group of frat boys and the leader is no one else Than director Michael Bay. That special ing alai very, very strange, But The perfect kind.
  • For half the movie, Usher shows his dramatic scenes in which the characters address the camera directly, an aspect that is later abandoned in the movie. The purpose of this choice is unclear. It is very awkward and the borderline is uncomfortable.
  • I think it says everything that needs to be said about Mystery Men That’s when the film ends and “All Star” returns, it’s an improvement. That song, can be neat and bad, everything Mystery Men Is not. Fun, fun and memorable, even if you don’t like it.

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