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December 10, US Treasury Department Sanctions, including barriers to American investment At Sensitime, a Chinese Artificial intelligence Institution Allegations of making facial recognition software Used to target the predominantly Muslim Uighur community in China. The move, part of a ban imposed on Human Rights Day, prompted Sunsetime to suspend a planned IPO in Hong Kong.

Officially, the Treasury has added SensTime to its list of Chinese Military-Industrial Complex (CMIC), created under a different name. In November 2020, the then President Trump. In June, President Biden has been removed Some companies have added others to the list, and expanded the scope to include Chinese companies that sell surveillance technology. December 16, Eight companies Blacklisted with Drone Maker DJI And facial recognition firm Maggie.

The move shows how, despite the tone-down rhetoric, Biden has largely maintained Trump’s policies toward China. In some cases, the administration has even built on Trump’s signature move, while backtracking on legally weak policies and emphasizing human rights.

Some exits. In June, Biden withdrew The so-called TikTok ban, Which was twice Blocked by US judges. The Chinese-owned short-video app will have to leave the United States for the ban, if not The original company has sold ByteDance TikTok to the American company. Biden then calls for a National Security Review All foreign-owned apps within 180 days. That review is out of date without any major announcements.

In September, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou boarded a chartered Air China flight from Vancouver to Shenzhen, where he was greeted by a crowd waving roses and flags. Meng, the daughter of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfei, was detained in Canada for three years at the request of US authorities, who accused her of helping Huawei evade sanctions on Iran. Meng entered into one Delayed Prosecution Agreement With the judiciary, allowing him to return home in exchange for admitting some wrongdoings — and removing a major sticking point in US-China relations.

However, the Biden administration has tightened other restrictions on Huawei. Trump a Chinese company a List Which usually prevents US companies from doing business with it. U.S. companies must apply for a special license to sell software or components such as microchips to Huawei and others on the list. In March, the Biden administration Makes it harder Those get licenses for American companies. A few months later Huawei Smartphone section cut off Honor, So that devices sold outside of China can be reused GoogleOf Android Operating systems and other software.

“I don’t see the light of day between the two administrations on national security,” said Nazak Nikakhtar, a former Commerce Department official under Trump.

For the most part, Biden has been written to avoid the spark of World War III by not looking “soft” when the US public and Congress have a growing negative view of China. And China’s more authoritarian turn under President Xi Jinping has made it more difficult to restore democracy, especially in Hong Kong, and to restore relations with its Muslim population. Biden recently said the United States would not send any government officials to the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.

But analysts say Biden has not proposed a separate China policy without calling the two countries rivals. Susan Thornton, a career diplomat responsible for China’s policy, said: “It is very difficult for the Biden administration to go high-profile, public or fast because the political space in China is so narrow.” In the late Obama and early Trump administrations.

Thornton says it is difficult to determine the policy behind the sanctions and sanctions on Chinese companies. That is what the Biden administration has said It is not trying to contain China“But if that happens, I don’t really understand what we’re doing,” he added. And it will be difficult to build when Trump-era tariffs remain in place and the list of Chinese companies facing trade and investment restrictions continues to grow.

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