Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Unlike the Tesla autopilot, Volvo says, the ride pilot will be able to navigate the highway without the driver’s supervision, meaning “you can eat, you can watch a movie, you can read a book” behind the wheel, according to Martin Christensen, chief. Mobility and autonomous driving in a Volvo car. (He strongly advises drivers to resist the urge to sleep.) The company plans to launch the feature first in California, where it makes it easier to work for generally pleasant weather technology, and where executives expect state regulators to approve it as a stamp of legitimacy. The Swedish automaker has also signed a partnership with Chinese AV developer Didi and US companies Aurora and Wemo to provide vehicles for autonomous ride-hauling and trucking fleets.

Personalization এবং and not sharing-seems to be the name of the game. There is a BMW Touted A color-changing paint (albeit limited to a dull white-black-gray palette) that allows customers to change the look of their car. Stellantis, Chrysler’s parent company, has announced a new partnership with Amazon, complete with a “SmartCockpit” project to “seamlessly integrate” cars with the “digital life of customers” – that is, to share your experience with Alexa in the driver’s seat. Bring it.

“We see a trend that drivers will spend more time in the car and spend more time driving, the car will drive itself or you will be waiting in the parking lot for your EV to be charged,” said Volvo’s Christensen executive. For that reason, Automaker also announced Wednesday that it will begin offering the YouTube app on some car consoles.

Some big names in self-driving technology continue to invest in robotics. Lifting And autonomous-vehicle-technology developer Motional says they will launch a fully self-propelled ride-haul service in Las Vegas next year. Wemo Is managing a fleet of it Self-driving SUV in Phoenix And testing similar services in San Francisco. Zoox, acquired by Amazon last year, has A preview of a vehicle for shared taxi ride has been seen. AV Software Company Aurora Says it will work with Uber and Toyota to run a fleet of AVs. But most of these companies have diversified their monetization strategies, Creates software for autonomous truck or van fleets.

The changes are important because a world of personal self-driving cars looks very different from a world with a fleet of shared cars. If people can sleep or sleep or meet or answer emails or listen to lectures on their personal travels, they may choose to stay away from work or school. More urban expansion. Dense housing, spacious housing instead of workplace and retail, can increase workplace and retail building emissions and reduce energy efficiency – an unfortunate twist of events Climate change Breathe down our combined backs.

And yet, the idea of ​​a personal self-driving car is appealing to many. At least GM thinks so. Automaker’s Cadillac brand on Wednesday unveiled its new concept car, the InnerSpace, a luxury two-passenger electric vehicle that the company said in a press release, On purpose. ” Which, of course, leads to a question: Whose comfort and relaxation?

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