Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The following month , Activation Blizzard says it will no longer resort to forced arbitration for sexual harassment and discrimination. CEO Bobby Kotik announced the policy change The company shared on Thursday. Kotik said the publisher would implement a new company-wide zero-tolerance harassment policy. In the future, any employee who violates the rules will be fired immediately. In addition, they will forfeit any future compensation, including equity rewards.

“Our goal is to have the strictest harassment and non-retaliatory policy of any employer, and we will continue to test and tighten our standards to achieve this goal wherever we do business,” Kotik said.

The executive outlines three more steps that Activation Blizzard will take to create a safer and more diverse workplace. Over the next 10 years, it will invest $ 250 million in programs that create opportunities in technology and gaming for under-represented communities. In addition, the company plans to recruit more women and non-binary guys. According to Kotik, Activision identifies about 23 percent of all Blizzard employees as part of that group. The goal is to increase that number by 50 percent to more than one-third across the company over the next five years. Kotik has promised that the company will share an annual report on progress towards pay equity.

Separately, the executive said he had asked the board of directors of Activation Blizzard to reduce its total compensation to $ 62,500 per year until it appears that it has met the diversity and protection goals outlined above.

Seeing today’s announcement, many of Kotik and Activision Blizzard met Claim Employees appear in front of the company when they begin protesting its actions in terms of California . When employees first walked out in July, they demanded an end to forced arbitration, greater pay transparency and new recruitment policies designed to increase representation across the company. “It’s a great start, and there’s still work to be done.” Says Jessica Gonzalez, A Better ABK is one of the employees involved with the Advocacy Group. “We can lead the charge as an industry standard. Victory and still push. “

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