Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Activision Blizzard is facing increasing scrutiny Government And Game art Ongoing sexual harassment scandal, and its latest efforts may not help. As Kotaku Report, There are developers Formed A “workplace accountability committee” to assist it in implementing new anti-harassment and anti-discrimination efforts. While this may seem useful at first, there is a concern that the initial committee is more symbolic than effective.

The committee will be made up of only two members, both of whom (Chair Don Astroff and Revata Boers) are current independent board members. They will, in turn, report to the board and key activation blizzard executives – including CEO Bobby Cotick, who says Partly responsible for the scandal. The pair will work with an external coordinator and a consultant following the company Settlement with EEOC, But there is no mention of involving regular company employees or outsiders who were not part of that court contract.

For example, it would be no surprise if the committee did little to appease the critics. Employees and others have called for Kotik to resign, among other notable changes. Less Confidence in Police Leadership – Jennifer O’Neill, Blizzard’s First Female Leader, Complaints Leaving his position He seems to be the target of discrimination by the seemingly irreplaceable company culture. Bloomberg Note Some of the board members (including Ostroff) are longtime friends and connections to Kotik, in this regard. The committee may have to take aggressive action if it wants to prove that this is a vague gesture.

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