Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

There are artists Many effects In the streaming music service, however, Adele may have more power than most. BBC News Report There is Spotify Move After pressing Adele Company to change the sync as soon as the shuffle button is turned off from all album pages 30. Albums “should sound like this [artists] The motive was “as they tell a story,” the singer explained in a follow-up on Twitter.

You can still randomize an album using the controls for individual songs. It mainly adds an extra step and forces you to choose a first track. Competitors like Apple Music still let you tap a “shuffle” button from the album page.

No question some albums are meant to be run sequentially, including 30. It is a story about an important time in Adele’s life. However, critics have already expressed concern about removing a feature to please an artist. It’s one thing to suggest playing albums in a certain way, but it’s another thing to take control away from the audience to direct that order – and what about those artists who are happy to be allowed to play randomly?

Spotify has at least one incentive to make such a change. For Adele’s lead single 30, “Easy On Me,” broke the one-day Spotify streaming record previously held by K-pop megagroup BTS. Although Spotify did not outline its argument, the company is probably not interested in opposing one of its most important musicians and taking the risk of losing customers.

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