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Adobe Fresco Gave artists and designers the ability to draw and draw Including lively digital materials For two years now. Last fall, company Has expanded the app to the iPhone, But this year’s updates are much stronger. With additions Announced today At its annual Adobe Max design conference, the company offers a simple tool in its free usable drawing and painting app that expands on how and what artists can create.

First, Adobe is adding speed to Fresco. It gives artists and designers the option to add timelines and motion frames to individual layers. The company explains that it allows you to assign specific movements for each component. Adobe says you can also draw paths to follow objects and the goal is to keep things simple so that the concept of motion is accessible to all skill levels.

Since then, the company has been adding reference levels to frescoes. This will help speed up the process when you need to add color to the line art. Once you set the reference level, you can start working on a separate level to fill. Fresco will still recognize the main level lines without applying edits to it This will work if your reference layer is a vector or pixel and keeps your original drawing intact.

Adobe / Kyle Webster

Vector brushes are already available in Fresco, but Adobe is expanding that library to include a new set with “Jitter”. Basically, these brushes will help you give a quick drawing texture. The lines are still sharp, but there are variations in the strokes for a more naturally drawn look. As always, vector brushes are infinitely scalable and can be combined with pixel brushes in the same fresco file.

After all, Adobe is helping you keep your vision right through new guides. Perspective grids will help you make images look realistic when it comes to adding depth. You can also set the point to disappear anywhere outside the artboard and the lines will move to the grid as you work. Adobe says it will allow artists and designers to focus more on art and less on heavy lifting.

Adobe Fresco is free to use on iPhone, iPad and Windows without a Creative Cloud subscription. If you pay for Adobe’s apps, there are more tools available, such as access to an extended library of brushes.

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