Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

There is Adobe Announcement That’s a big step in collaborating with the Photoshop and Illustrator apps on the web. The idea is not to let you do complex work from a web page, but to allow collaborators to open and view your work from a browser for comments and feedback – as much as you can with a Google Doc.

Now your work can be saved in Adobe’s Creative Cloud and anyone can open it from anywhere, but they need to have a desktop or iPad app. Now with Photoshop or Illustrator, Adobe notes that your colleagues can “review and add comments in the browser without downloading the app or having a Creative Cloud subscription.” That means you can show your work directly to advertising agencies or other clients who don’t need or want Adobe products.


On top of the basic collaboration tools, Adobe is a preview of some basic browser editing tools that allow you to make “minor changes and quick edits” without having to launch entire Illustrator or Photoshop apps. These include selection, small color corrections and much more.

With a page from Microsoft Teams, Klaxoon and similar apps, Adobe is also launching “Creative Cloud Spaces” that allow creative groups to “bring content, context and people together” according to Adobe. It is basically a whiteboard that is available to project members, showing documents, pictures and anything else needed.

You can start sharing the work of Photoshop and Illustrator on the web, with comments and feedback, just by updating to the latest versions of today’s dropped apps. If you want to try basic editing capabilities, they are available as a beta for Photoshop (within the Creative Cloud app) or as a personal beta for Illustrator. You can request access for the next Here.

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