Aero Farms to start vertical farming to list নে 1.2bn valuation in SPAC deal

Domestic producers of lemongrass and shrubs in America, Aeropharms to Go public The latest in a string of agricultural or food technology groups, valued at $ 1.2 billion after merging with special-purpose acquisitions Looking to tap into the pace of green investment.

The start of vertical farming will merge with the Spring Valley, “Durable specs“Formed by Pearl Energy Investment Management, to raise more than $ 350 million, it helps it expand operations and invest in research and development.

The vertical farm has arrived Under the spotlight Over the past few years as a sustainable way to grow vegetables without pesticides and with less water. They will be considered as the future of agriculture as they cultivate crops under artificial light without soil on the land near urban areas, delivering new products directly to the customers while keeping more flavors and nutrients intact.

The sector has also benefited from concerns over food security as epidemics have highlighted the fragility of supply chain.

David Rosenberg, founder and CEO of Aero Firms, said the number of calls about its facilities increased last year, helping by showing empty shelves in stores. He added that many governments and agencies saw a growing need to risk the food supply chain and bring food grains locally.

The agency has already attracted investors from countries in the North and Middle East, where climate and weather conditions limit agriculture. Initial investors include Inca Group’s Venture Capital Arm, which is part of the IKEA retail empire, when state funds were invested by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office last year.

The Aerofarms Spec Agreement follows Apparvest, a high-tech greenhouse initiative that has a huge opportunity in Kentucky.

The rise in environmental, social and administration-influenced investments has led to jumps in stock market lists by food technologists and agriculturists.

SPAC agreements offer start-ups access to a wide pool of capital and allow investors to transfer money to companies that were initially only accessible to venture capitalists and wealthy private investors, but increase the risk of their volatility.

Shares of AppHarves fell after a lock-up period for early investors this month. It is now trading at just 18 18 below its top half share in February.

Arrow Firms said the transaction was due to close at the end of the second quarter. The company has a commercial farm in New Jersey and is building facilities in Abu Dhabi and Virginia. It expects sales of 4 million this year and is producing $ 330m in 2025, including earnings before interest, taxes, devaluation and $ 82m of monetization.

The company is developing plants and seeds for use in vertical farms as well as proprietary technology, which it hopes will turn into a separate revenue stream on top of its production sales.

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