Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Disney + Day is coming up, but it looks like a week rather than an individual day. The streaming service seems to have a lot to reveal this week, starting with one $ 2 month discount for new sign up, Or think, anyone comes back to fold. Also hope to see a new adoption Alone at home, Its streaming release Jungle Cruise And more new releases later this week.

– Matt Smith

Not sure what to think about that.

As a Pixel 6 user, yes, I find the fingerprint reader slow. (It’s a beautiful one otherwise Incredible phone) Google Now Saying Users are using the Pixel 6’s fingerprint reader “enhanced security algorithm” which may either take longer to check your numbers or require better sensor communication.

Google did not elaborate on his statement. Some users believe that the use of Google’s optical under-display fingerprint reader instead of the ultrasonic sensor in phones like the Galaxy S21 can lead to slower performance, which is too quick to recognize the tip of your finger. Phones with optical sensors that work fast.

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The ‘League of Legends’ didn’t look so good.


Inside Team of legends lore, Vi and Jinx are bitter rivals, but in Transcendental, They begin as sisters with deep, true love for each other. This new mature animation, which aired on Netflix this weekend, gives a glimpse of the universe. Ha ha ha. And it looks amazing.

Sadly, you have to wait for the fourth episode, which will come on November 13th

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Not a Galaxy Note?

After the morning

Front page tech

There is a stylus holster in a leaked image that could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Front page tech The S22 Ultra (apparently finished) is claimed to be the first live photo and is effectively the new Galaxy Note. It has an S-pen, a slot for holding the stylus, and even a less rounded body, reminiscent of past notes.

There’s an awesome camera sensor on the back. Those five separate lenses?

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The company’s app can only serve as a gaming gateway.

Now Netflix is ​​offering mobile games How to rent iOS players on Android? According to BloombergIts code gurman (assisted by developer Steve Moser), Code suggests that Netflix will release all its games “individually” on iOS via the App Store. These may not be downloadable or playable within the app.

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From heated mugs to cold brew kits.

After the morning


I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, so it’s a struggle to write. If you’re similarly obsessed with all things beans, presses and water temperatures, we’ve got some gift ideas.

BRB, I have to make cold wine on Monday morning.

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The biggest news you can miss

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