After Morning: Elon Musk’s fascination with Dogecoin continues

On Live Saturday night, Elon Musk said cryptocurrency, and “it’s a rush” to dive up prices. Now, Tesla has suddenly become very aware of the power-inefficient way of bitcoin and has become its opposite in terms of accepting money. The agency claims it is looking for more climate-friendly cryptocurrencies, Musk tweeted on Thursday “potentially promising” Improving efficiency for Dogecoin.

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Dozecoin, if you forgot, is the meme-inspired cryptocurrency that Musk likes. His other big venture, SpaceX, is going to launch a DOGE-1 cubesat next year and he has repeatedly tweeted. Dog-faced memcoins are hard to take seriously at times, but the reaction to Kastur’s tweet was serious, with prices rising 25 percent in a single day.

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A remake of the 2009 handset will be available on Verizon.

After the morning

HMD, Nokia

Nokia is bringing a flip phone to the United States. Brand new owners, HMD has actually released the Nokia 2720 Flip (an updated version of the 2720 fold) elsewhere, but it hasn’t made it to this shore at all so far. All right, May 20th. It will be a Verizon exclusive, and definitely not a smartphone. It only costs $ 80. Continue reading.

A guide for beginners from A to Z trigger.

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The switch is by far the company’s best-selling “home console” and is set to become the seven-switch. Games Nintendo has outsourced the far-fetched Wii U. Then, thanks to Switch’s unique hybrid format and an increasingly gaming library that has uninterrupted third-party support. Guide us through the best games to start your switch journey. Continue reading.

No more disposable laptops?

The framework’s first modular laptop for easy repair is now open for pre-order. The framework laptop is available to order in four variants. Switching and replacing a module does not take more than 10 minutes. And each component will carry a QR code that takes you straight to a website with step-by-step instructions and an ifixit-style video provider. And users only need the screwdriver included in the box to make any repairs.

The only repair that can take more than 10 minutes, or when, is when you remove the CPU and the mainboard. You can pick up the base model for just $ 999, or a DIY – completely detached version of version 749. Continue reading.

Two new color options that are not white.

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If you’ve managed to pick up the PS5, you may be ready for a second controller in just the right amount of time to relax the epidemic lockdowns. There’s not much to say – I really like the black option – but pre-orders for both Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers are now open on Amazon and they will be shipping June 18th. Continue reading.

Improved in almost every way.

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Amazon was late in the game of true wireless earbuds. When the company launched its Echo Buds in 2012, Apple was already in its second version, and AirPods Pro came out shortly thereafter. Excluding some questionable battery life and normal call performance affects Amazon. Read on for Billy Steele Full review.

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