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Phoebe smiles and blows her hair with the power of her proton pack and neutron wand.

Proton power!
Pictures: Sony Pictures

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Last premiered last Friday, grossing more than $ 44 million in its first weekend – much more than critics and its studio, Sony, had predicted. That doesn’t mean movies Says better than criticsOf course, I did not bring you here today. We need to talk about a specific set Toys… and in particular, their packaging.

This action figure has a large spoiler for the two-pack finish Ghostbusters: Afterlife, So be careful. If you are worried about being ruined, however, this is the toy Already in storeSo either stay out of target or watch the movie as soon as possible.

Oh, no, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, you didn't figure out the title of the article

If you don’t, let’s continue. See:

Oh, no, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, you didn't figure out the title of the article

Pictures: Hasbro / Sony Pictures

That family is reunited!

If you haven’t seen the movie and just don’t think about spoiling it, then the image of Phoebe (McKenna Grace) is actually packaged next to the ghost of her grandfather Egan Spengler (the late Harold Ramis, remade in CG) to his immortal fellow ghostbusters at the end of the movie. To defeat … you can probably guess who. This raises all sorts of annoying questions about the eschatology of the Ghostbusters universe, but the infinitely more annoying idea is the proposition that the Spengler family came together, because the verb “bust” has many meanings and the first Urban Dictionary Is Too much Unsuitable for father-granddaughter pair.

Clearly, toy maker Hasbro means “family that GhostBust together “but you don’t have to keep your mind firmly on the sewer after reading the line. Surely someone in the huge row of people who need to get this box of toys on store shelves has mentioned,” Oh, you know bust means ‘orgasm’, doesn’t it? ” There are people who wrote the copy for the packaging, the designers who had to include the text in the packaging, the marketers who had to see both the copy and the final packaging design and then whatever was needed to approve the thing. A lot In people, and you think I’m telling someone, “It’s Maybe To put it bluntly, half the porn on the internet nowadays seems to be a scene of incest and also Ghostbusters Already the norm is that Bustin “makes people feel good.” Apparently not.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Currently in theaters.

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