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It’s amazing that Star Wars Jagarnot (powered by the Disney Art Complex) conducts a ringfence to paddle a new show, movie, toy and the rest of the day all day every year. If you didn’t see the clear salute to Gandalf yesterday with some white text, stay alive May 4th is with you, you’re living a better life than me.

Looking back, I found something beyond May 4 – a brief glimpse of it ‘Working’ lightsbar Which expands and withdraws a blade to look like light. The device must show Far away My double-edged dark element has been more expensive than saber since 1999 and there doesn’t seem to be a plastic tube. The patents discovered after the Disney Saber show that the blade is made of LED-illuminated plastic are not bright enough to make it clear that a laser can cut a robot in half.

Star Wars: Saba will be the first to be seen in a two-day hotel experience immersed in the Galactic Starkriser luxury hotel.

There are also Star Wars-themed Instant pots are sold And our thoughts on the first episode of the new animated series, Bad batch. That should be enough until next year.

– Matt Smith

Sammy Benzio is expected to head a new AI unit.

Apple has hired Google AI veteran Sami Benzio, who was among the company’s top staff to release the results after firing on two female researchers. Benzio will lead Apple’s new AI research unit. Benzio left Google last week after 14 years in the company Controversial Dismissed Among the two ethical AI co-leaders who informed him. They warned separately about the dangers of large language models and algorithmic biases. Benzio will not be alone as a Google alumnus: Apple has pulled in several AI experts over the past few years, including John Gianandrea, who will let Benzio know. Continue reading.

There is still no Google Store listing for new buds.


The official Android Twitter account recently tweeted (and then deleted) a post about the series on Pixel Buds, releasing some unannounced new audio hardware. The post didn’t say much about the new earbuds except for Google’s new inclusion Fast Bluetooth pairing experienceWhich was first published Fitbit Lux is wearable. (Fitbit is now owned by Google)) The last generation of Pixel Buds wasn’t particularly lazy in pairing, so hopefully some more improvements have been made – or perhaps the ‘A’ surname will mean a cheaper price. Expect to hear more on Google I / O starting May 18th. Continue reading.

They cannot ban you from your own site.

A few hours ago Facebook’s Oversight Board has announced its verdict Trump took the initiative on whether to allow the former president to return to his platform and unveiled a new communication platform of his own. Big social media!

See its great golden glory From Donald J. Trump’s desk, A whole web page dedicated to giving Trump what he wants so desperately: somewhere on the Internet to complain about how the rest of the Internet is so illegal and unfair to him. If you don’t want to click and see, know that it’s like every blog you’ve shown over the last 20 years, filled with Twitter-length posts that Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey can’t even erase. Continue reading.

The star of LA Clipper wore them to a game on Tuesday night.

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After an Instagram leak in March, Paul George and Nike officially unveiled the white PlayStation 5 color road with his PG5 signature sneaker. Nike and Sony designers worked together to develop the shoe before the PS5 was unveiled and without seeing Nike in reality.

As such, they relied on Eugene Morriswar, SIE art director for the PS5, to inspire the shoe with “artistic vision and creative principles,” shaping the PlayStation with the upper part, and the PS5’s design on the top and outsoles. In the regions, you may be able to snatch a pair from May 14th, and they will be released in North America on May 27th. Continue reading.

Even Pixel phones have not been supported for so long.

After four long years of support for the Android update, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series (Circa 2017) is being thrown into the pasture. Notably, as long as Samsung has run security updates for phones, Google is longer than its own Pixel device. If you’re still carrying an S8 – and beware of security – this can happen when upgrading. Continue reading.

“Best Shape of My Life” leads YouTube’s new core lineup.

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Rachel Murray through Getty Images

Will Smith will help you with a new YouTube original series on how to become a medieval fit when you become a rich celebrity with lots of money, free time and connections. Hopefully, Smith should be fascinated to carry some of our curiosity. But perhaps that’s not all. Continue reading.

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