Afternoon: Even NASA’s Mars drone needs a software update

Anyone who brings any drone knows that once it comes out of the box, the first thing you do is do a ton of software updates. It’s the things that are active Do the same when you NASA, And the drone is the helicopter that is preparing to travel to Mars 174 million miles away from you.

Issues during a rotor test alerted the skills team about an issue with the command sequence, and to deal with it, they would put together a patch and craft it for the next few days. This means waiting longer before the first flight of its final test, but it is understandable to do everything necessary to avoid any kind of crash.

– Richard Lowler

Its next genre car chip is coming in 2025.


The sexiest of all graphics announcements at the NVIDIA GTC conference was: Data Center CPU. Grace has integrated NVIDIA’s latest GPUs with ARM’s Newsworth cores, and while I’m kidding, it’s beyond the company’s own arm-based solution, Intel.

NVIDA has also announced this I am working with MediaTek RTX graphics bring ARM-based chips and detail Pro-level version Its ampere video cards for workstations. Finally, the company has teased Atlantis, the drive chip of its next generation cars. NVIDA claims that by 2022, chip slides will provide one trillion operations per second of performance. Continue reading.

And a smart speaker with an iPad screen.

After the morning


Apple recently killed its original homepod speaker and Apple TV due to an update. Now, according to a Bloomberg Rumor has it, the company is considering combining the two products to create an Apple TV box with a homepod speaker and camera to make a call.

Judging by the description, the device sounds like a soundbar that stretches the line between a Roku streambar (for cord cutters to make better audio) and Facebook’s portal TVs, effectively transforming your set into a huge video-chat screen. Meanwhile, another product like the bKash is a high-speaker display with an iPad, the Echo Show 10-style iPad with Continue reading.

Crowded source data can tell regulators where things are fast and where they are slow.

The FCC was one Speed-test application since 2013, But under Actor Chair Jessica Rosenwarsel, Asking if more Americans can download and use the software (which you can get) Android And IOS). The agency says it will help you gather more accurate information about the speed and availability of broadband Internet in the United States. Instead, the information will help guide its policies. Continue reading.

It announced the project two years ago.

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Domino said this R2 is the first fully self-driving, on-road delivery vehicle to be approved by the Department of Transportation’s regulator. On certain days and times, people who order from a Domino location in the Woodland Heights neighborhood of Houston can choose which R2 can deliver their food. They can track R2’s location via text alerts or on the order confirmation page. Domino will provide customers with a PIN, which they can tap into the R2’s touchscreen to retrieve their orders. Continue reading.

Microsoft will acquire speech-tech giant Nuance for .7 19.7 billion

The agency said the deal would advance its AI and healthcare efforts.

The rumors were true – on Monday, Microsoft announced that it had struck a deal to buy Nuance Communications for about .7 19.7 billion. In the announcement, Microsoft has covered the cloud specifically as a component for health care that will benefit, as well as other cloud and AI-linked activities.

In a statement, Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, said, “Nanance provides AI levels at healthcare points and is a pioneer in the real-world application of enterprise AI.” Nanance has a long history of developing voice controls and previously provided a speech-recognition engine for Siri. Continue reading.

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