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What we do as Harvey Guillon Guillermo is in the shadows.

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The world probably doesn’t need any aftershows, no matter how good the show is – and FX’s brilliant supernatural comedy Whatever we do in the shadows Very good one around. However, we could all do more Harvey Guillain In our lives, so we will happily tune After the shadows, Hosted by Extremely favorite actor Who plays Guillerno, WWDITS‘Sweater-loving helpless human known who is not very secretive (after two finals that season!) A vampire killer came The Van Helsing.

E.g. Deadline Report, After the shadows Will follow A talk-show format with Gillian brings the star of the series (Kayvan “Nandor” Novak, Gillan’s most frequent visual companion, Will appear clearly) and guest stars (With Kristen Shawl as well Anthony Atamanuk And Marissa Jarrett Winokur – who played next Vampires are ignorant human neighbors, who Organizes a memorable “extraordinary owl” party). Plus: set Decorator Shine Fox (no doubt there are some interesting behind-the-scenes insights for roommates to consider in detail. Palace on Staten Island), “Celebrity Fans,” and many more.

After the shadows, Which will be pre-taped, will stream PT at 11 pm After each new Whatever we do in the shadows Episode 3 – Season three begins with a double episode (“The Prisoner” and “Duplication Clothes”) September 2 FX; There will be series episodes Will be available in Hulu the next day. You can catch aftershows On WWDITS‘Official Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram Page, as well as FX’s YouTube channel.

Will you be tuned After the shadows? Who is your favorite character Whatever we do in the shadows And why is it Guillermo? (AAcceptable second choice: Jackie Daytona, Baron Afanas, Colin Robinson … OK, it’s impossible to choose!) What do you expect to see from the series? season three?

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