Wed. May 25th, 2022

Is there a more satisfying experience in video gaming than clearing four lines at once? Tetris? (A rice is technically referred to as Tetris.) As it turns out there are: Watching one AI developed by Greg Cannon Play Tetris Innocently When Priority to clear four lines As often as possible.

Like human players, Cannon’s impressive StackRabbit AI It is good to play Tetris Analyzes the game through repeated play and to develop advanced techniques. But unlike human players, StackRabit has steel nerves and does not start to panic as the ever-increasing stack of Tetrominos comes to the top of the playboard, which is associated with lightning. One of the most enchanting and impressive rounds of the play is reflection Tetris You’ve probably seen it before.

Not only is clearing four lines at once satisfactory, it is also the best way to collect points quickly while playing Tetris. BWhen Theoretically, A talented player can stack tetrominoes indefinitely, the 8-bit NES version of the game (used for the classic Tetris World Championship) starts to melt when the gameplay reaches level 29 where the speed of the game doubles. The developers assumed that this was a point where human players would not be able to hold it, and when some managed to cross the 29 level, the game quickly began to display graphical errors as loads on the NES. The processor grows.

Human players have been able to hit the NES Tetris Its high score More than 1.6 million points, But by removing the artificial human limit, Canon’s StackRabit AI was able to reach 237 levels of the game with a score of 102,252,920 points after about an hour and five minutes of gameplay. Seeing the incredible run of AI This is often as confusing as it is confusing because in later levels the game starts using incorrect graphical elements to create tetromino pieces.

Problems do not phase out AI, which works by pre-planning for any random parts to be seen later. It prefers to clear four lines at once, but due to the randomness of the falling pieces and the occasional lack of straight tetrominogeas required to complete a four-line tetris, the AI ​​sometimes has to clean a single line, and end up with a gap between stacks of pieces at once. Yes, but it is equally amazing to see a quick recovery.

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