Sat. May 28th, 2022

is rolling out some more features for , a service designed to help aging folks and caregivers stay connected using the voice assistant and Echo devices. One of these is called Circle of Support, which is now available to all users. This allows the person receiving support to have up to 10 designated caregivers.

Both that person and their primary caregiver can add or remove trusted people such as siblings, cousins, friends and close neighbors. All caregivers will receive daily alerts and check-ins through the activity feed. Circle of Support could be especially useful if the primary caregiver doesn’t live close to the person receiving care. If the person receiving support enables Remote Assist, only the primary caregiver will be able to use it.

Speaking of Remote Assist, Amazon will soon upgrade that feature to let the primary caregiver set up for their loved one. For instance, to make life a little simpler for the person receiving care, a routine might group together early morning actions like switching off the alarm, playing a news bulletin and turning on the coffee machine, all of which can be triggered with a single voice command.

Amazon says over 25 percent of Alexa Together users communicate across state lines and 65 percent do so between different cities. Adding some for users who live far apart from each other could make the service a more attractive proposition for some folks. Alexa Together, which is only available in the US for now, costs $ 20 per month or $ 200 per year. There’s a six-month trial available as well.

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