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Alan Tudic's Harry is portrayed as both a human and an alien, a promotional art for aliens living in Syfy.

Pictures: Sifai

The story about the alien living among us is nothing new, but Syfy’s Resident Alien The series still operates Fascinating viewers When it premiered last year. Based on the Dark Horse comics by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, Alan Tudic Tytler plays the alien Harry Vanderspiegel, who has been a moon doctor ever since. Crash-land on Earth. Although his goal Was in the first season Colorado touched her heart enough to change her heart and, while being picked up by her fellow aliens and clearing the earth in the process, spending time with patient people, Save the planet.

But the trailer for the upcoming season two shows us Harry’s decision Has brought some consequences, initially his people are coming now Earth to finish the job. Naturally, Harry is very much against it and wants to protect the planet, especially Sara Tomko’s Asta and Judah Pren’s Max. And if that means the rest of the planet turns to ashes … well, at least he can say that he tried, even saw New York before it was blown to hell.

No meeting Resident Alien At the moment, this trailer makes the show look a lot more fun and quite funny (“Do you think I got Willie Wanka tattooed on my ass like this is a chocolate factory?”) Plus, this seems like the perfect show for a weird guy like Alan Tudic. He’s always been a really funny actor with a lot of range (Especially with His Voice work), And after being a supporting character on many other shows, it’s nice to see him go on stage at the center.

Image from the article titled Resident Alien Returns with Pleasant Oddity by Alan Tudic

Pictures: Sifai

Alien resident The second season premieres on January 26 at Syfy and USA, with guest stars Linda Hamilton And Alex Borstein.

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