Amazon began vaccinating workers in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas

When Amazon returns in January Assist the Beadon administration In response to the federal government’s ongoing epidemic, it said it would deploy more than 600,000 people. The company is Now that process begins, Including on-site vaccinations for front-line employees to begin work over the next few weeks at several selected fulfillment centers in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas.

Amazon has said it will expand the program once vaccines are available in other states. Of these, it will give a $ 80 bonus To their own vaccinated workers. That bonus is at the top Other encouragement During the epidemic, the company became isolated among its employees. It’s worth noting that Amazon isn’t just working to vaccinate people in the United States. WalmartFor example, 43 states are hosting community events to vaccinate low-income people.

The latest development is the launch of employee vaccines, which was a long story about Amazon’s response to the epidemic. One of the most recent events is A. Case from New York State Complaining that the company failed to properly disinfect its two facilities and follow the procedure of finding suitable communication. Amazon says it has done its best to protect its employees – although it is now embroiled in a Twitter debate over whether its policies put pressure on employees. Urine in the bottle. In October, the agency Published information How many employees have tested for KVID-19 or found them positive? Between March 1, 2020 and 1920, the agency said the number was 19,816. Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, it estimates that the number of positive cases should have been above 30,000.

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