Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Amazon’s could be next Hop on live audio bandwagon, Although it may not be what you expect. Axios Formula Claims that Amazon is creating a live audio offer that will add more likes, including music, concerts and other events Spotify Than Clubhouse. The company is reportedly considering podcasts and talk radio as extensions, but Amazon Music Will lead the project.

Internet giant Twitch hopes to create live audio. Sources did not say when or when it will arrive.

We asked Amazon to comment on the rumors. At least it won’t be a surprise if Amazon jumps into the live audio space. Amazon recently integrated Twitch Streams into the music app, and the firm’s acquisition of Podcast subscription business Wonder in 2020 indicates its intention to dive further into audio. There are also simple topics of competition. Spotify, Twitter space And Facebook audio room Even without a clubhouse, everyone can be a threat. It will at least put Amazon on its feet before others dominate this segment.

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