Amazon combines its ‘Time of Task’ metric and drug testing policy

That same day The Washington Post The agency said the data showed Amazon’s warehouse workers were “seriously injured at a higher rate than other companies.” Two changes announced This is part of his stated goal of being “the world’s best employer and the safest place in the world to work.”

One change is that – except for positions regulated by the Department of Transportation – it will not test cannabis as part of its “extensive drug screening” or disqualify applicants for it. However, workers can still be tested for disability, and in addition to “will test all drugs and alcohol after any incident,” Amazon supports federal legislation that would “legalize marijuana at the federal level, break criminal records, and invest in affected communities.” . “

Another change affects the use of the “Time of Task” metric – workers spend any time from their station’s equipment – which is now “the average of shutting down long-term tasks to make sure there are more signals and less” noise. “Time of task One policy is quoted in the report Employees felt the pressure to avoid taking bathroom breaks and to keep up the pace In the work they are attached to the wounds inflicted.

In a letter to Jeff Bezos’ shareholders earlier this year, he claimed that “we have set achievable performance targets that take into account term and actual employee performance data.” Now, the company claims, the time of task is actually there to “identify whether there is a problem with the tools that people use to be productive” by identifying short performance as a secondary goal. Documents obtained by Edge 2019 showed that for more than a year, several thousand employees were laid off at a Baltimore facility due to productivity. Amazon has not released specific details about the change, but metrics that make life easier can do more for employees’ happiness and security. Genbuth kiosks.

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