Amazon Echo Bud (Second Gener) Review: Improved in almost every way

Compared to its closest rivals, Amazon did the real wireless earbud game late. By then the company had introduced it In 2019, Apple was already launched And Came a while later. Google Was two years old, and the company would launch In 2020. As is usually the case when a company enters a new product segment, there were still some flaws after giving the first Echo Buds hands-free access to Alexa at an affordable price. Now back to Amazon ( And ) Which features true active sound cancellation (ANC), improved audio quality and a new design. And Amazon was able to do that while keeping prices low.

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Amazon’s redesign of the second-gen Echo Buds begins outside. The earbuds themselves are 20 percent smaller and are about two grams lighter. The company has shortened the nozzle and added new vents to it, which relieves some of the stress that has been spreading in your ears for a long time. Four sets of tips and two sized wings give you different options to find the best fit. Also, Amazon keeps an ear tip fit in the Alexa app so you don’t have to worry about whether you made the right choice.

Echo Buds II-Jane


  • Affordable
  • Better quality
  • True ANC
  • Small size
  • Wireless Wireless Charging


  • Audio still requires manual adjustment
  • Battery life
  • IPX4 rating
  • Medium call performance

The touch panel of the first Echo Bud was a raised glossy circle, but Amazon knocked it out and the exterior blackened a non-stop matte. The company has added its iconic smile / arrow branding, but it’s in tone, so it doesn’t stand out. (Promo images make it look more prominent than it actually is)) Amazon opted for an external microphone above and below each bud and reduced the charging contact points from five to three. As with previous versions, the new Echo Buds are rated against IPX4 water splashes. It’s not a strong protection, but it should be enough to endure sweating during a workout.

The included charging case was also redesigned. It’s 40-percent smaller and more vertical than flat, like this Offer these days. Additional battery status LED and wireless charging are also included in the upgrades, such as switching to USB-C for the time you need to plug in.

Setup and Alexa app

Amazon's second-gen Echo Buds is a big improvement over the first version, but a few key areas show that work still needs to be done.

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The initial setup is not as instantaneous as AirPod and iOS, but Amazon has made it easy. Like the first Echo Buds, everything is powered by the Alexa app on your phone. All you have to do is open the Echo Buds case and wait for the blue light to indicate that you are in even mode. From there, a pop-up will guide you through the initial setup.

Inside the Alexa app, Amazon gives you plenty of options to customize Echo Buds. First, the company offers battery levels, ANC mode, microphone mute and and Right on the home screen. A tap on the gear icon on the right will open detailed settings for earbuds. Here, you can turn on Power Save to increase battery life, enable Power Hand-Free Alexa, and adjust the Cidotone (the amount of voice you hear when making a call). My tool includes manual issue sliders with bus, mid and treble options as well as search to help you identify ear tip fit tests, workout history and earbuds that fall into a wrong place.

Alexa app

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You can also see the information in the tap controls, but only the long press is customizable. By default, it sets the toggle between ANC and ambient sound (passthrough) but the alternatives include volume, your native assistant, Alexa tap to talk, mute mute or you can disable the function altogether. The app allows you to set different things for press-and-hold in each earbud, one means you can put volume on one bud and volume on the other, instead of the same image on both sides like other gestures. Finally, you can disable any other tap controls in the app individually.

Alexa has learned some new techniques. In addition to asking the assistant to control the music and podcast playback, now instead of making general recommendations you can find specific shows you follow on Amazon Music Find Amazon recently added a command that lets you set a specific listening time: for example: “Alexa, for 15 minutes Play Jazz “. Some cities in the United States also have the ability to assist with non-audio tasks such as reminders, calendars, shopping lists, and even transit information.

Sound quality

Amazon's second-gen Echo Buds is a big improvement over the first version, but a few key areas show that work still needs to be done.

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The first genre of audio quality to improve Amazon in the first Geno Echo Buds. Even with the alchemy issue in the Alexa app back in this new version, the term was inconsistent. I just got a volume where I would say they seem “good”. The company says that each of the new Echo Buds offers a new 5.7mm “high-performance driver” that “increases bus and tripled fidelity,” and I’m right. Not only does the new model sound better, but the audio improvements have been applied more evenly to lower, medium and higher amounts. Still, this new version seems to be the best at about 75-80 percent volume.

Overall, the term is less compressed in second-gen echo buds. Across the genres, there’s more room for each element to stand out on its own, especially when you’re listening to acoustic-powered bluegrass like Punch Brothers and metallic bands like Mastodon and Gojira. The last two tend to get tri-heavy and chaotic in full volume, which makes the previous model even worse. The kick drum doesn’t sink completely, but has noticeably higher edges, so things like symbols and guitars can be shaking. When you move to hip-hop, the difference isn’t pronounced like a lot of bassy thumps to deal with the full cut height.

The EQ sliders are a relief in the Alexa app. By raising the alloys and mids, I have been able to combat the painful loud symbolic explosions of Mastodon’s “Trade Lightly” to make things more enjoyable. When you make these adjustments, you will lose some clarity and things will look a bit blurry. Amazon’s improved sound quality is objectionable, but there’s still work to be done

A region Amazon has greatly improved the word cancellation. By switching from Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to true ANC, the company has given Echo Buds the ability to actually block out the sounds around you. I was fascinated by how much this new version could drown out the constant roar of a nearby conversation or a white sound machine. The sound feature of Amazon’s Pasthru or Ambient also works well and it sounds more natural than the earbuds I tested.

Call quality

Amazon's second-gen Echo Buds is a big improvement over the first version, but a few key areas show that work still needs to be done.

Billy Steele / Engadget

With two beamforming microphones on the outside of each earbud, Amazon clearly planned to use them to make calls. The company provides adjustable sedetone as in the previous model. It lets you dial in ear-to-ear sounds when you call, which helps you to scream a little less when you’re in both ears, at a time when my whole family is home for most of the day, I’m with another ear. Can’t get call. Being able to use both but listening to yourself without raising your voice is a simple feature.

In terms of audio quality, second-generic echo buds clear your voice. Unlike most true wireless earbuds, it doesn’t immediately sound like you’re on a speakerphone. There are some echoes (sorry) but it’s almost like not pronouncing that you’re talking with your phone away from your mouth. The new Echo Bud doesn’t work great with background noise though, so I can avoid sitting next to your dog’s food bowl or TV when you make an important call.

Battery life

Like the original Echo Buds, Amazon promises five hours of battery life on its own earbuds. It works with both ANC and hands-free Alexa Active. The company pays two extra charges through the case and it says that if you disable these two key features you can add an hour and a half. During the five-hour period, this figure is on par with many competitions, however A pinch of 10 or more offers, a 15 minute charge will give you two hours of listening time. During my tests, I regularly hit five hours above the point.

The retooled echo buds case has LEDs for each earbuds in addition to the outer one. These lights give you a battery estimate based on color (green, yellow and red). The new case is equipped with wireless charging (if you pay আরও 20 more) and the anchor simply made a pad for it. That accessory has a separate set of lights that shows you the location of both the earbud and the case separately. There are four for each, so you have a better idea of ​​where things stand than LEDs in the case. The pad will also charge your phone, so it’s not just for use with Echo Buds. Amazon sells the whole set .


Amazon's second-gen Echo Buds is a big improvement over the first version, but a few key areas show that work still needs to be done.

Billy Steele / Engadget

Amazon is currently offering a new Echo Bud Without the wireless charging case, however, it will go up to 120 120 at some point. Even if you pay an extra ড 20 for the case (), Rates are hard to beat right now. At their full price, both of these options are quite attractive for hands-free Alexa, decent sound, and some customizable sound-canceling earbuds. Wireless charging is usually reserved for more expensive devices and is rarely seen on airbeds below ব 150.

Since Alexa is your voice assistant, Echo Buds are the main choice, direct comparisons And . Both give you deep integration with iOS and Android, as well as hands-free access to Siri and Google Assistant, respectively. Amazon doesn’t even offer the customization, but they do support wireless charging. They are more expensive and newer models And Google is coming. We got to see As soon as next week on Google I / O

Let’s finish

Amazon’s second-gen echo buds are improved in almost every way. A new design makes small long buds more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and the sound quality is remarkably better. However, you probably still need to adjust some EQ in the genres and the five-hour battery life hasn’t improved. Features like wireless charging, sedatone for calls, and new Alexa capabilities make these earbuds an attractive option for those who have bought Amazon’s ecosystem. Also, the company managed to create better products without raising prices, which is always a great surprise

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