Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Amazon Comics has delayed plans to integrate shopping and the platform into its broader ecosystem. A. The company posted this week, saying that the updated comicsology app, which will make a lot of changes to how the service works, will arrive in early 2022 instead of 2021. .

“We wanted to take a little extra time to incorporate the feedback we received from our community,” the organization said in a document. “With this goal in mind, we have decided to keep the launch until early next year.”

According to Amazon, the new Comicsology app includes filtering and sorting improvements. It promises faster and more reliable downloads. The catch is that you will need an Amazon account to use the app. What’s more, once the company launches the updated software, the current comics app won’t work after the grace period.

However, the biggest change to launch the app has already gone live this week. You no longer need the Comixology app to read the purchases you make through the platform. Instead, they are also available through the Kindle app. All of this points to a future where comicology will no longer exist for the next few years.

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