Amazon has lost 250 million Amazon tax cases for the latest court defeat in Brussels

EU judges have overturned a European Commission order to return কে 250 million in taxes to Amazon for Luxembourg, further pushing efforts to block Brussels’ national tax treaty.

The Judgment A heavy following Defeat Last year, in favor of the commission when judges overruled its groundbreaking state aid it found that Apple owed Ireland কর 14.3 billion in taxes and interest. The EU executive won separately on Wednesday Judgment The French utility company has decided to force NG to pay back 120 million back tax.

The two judgments handed down by the General Court, the second highest court in the European Union, on Wednesday relate to both the business and the agreement between Luxembourg which the commission said amounted to illegal state aid.

Despite the legal defeat, Brussels is taking action His promotion In contrast to the bipartisan corporate tax deal in the EU, it creates pressure for companies and the rich to bear more of the financial burden of recovering from the economic catastrophe caused by the epidemic.

In its ruling on Amazon, the court said the commission was “erroneous” in its analysis of 201 cases, including that the company’s tax bill was artificially reduced as a result of overpaying royalties.

Online retailers and the Luxembourg government have said they are satisfied with the ruling. The agency added that the lawsuit related to the historical tax system ended in 2014.

“We welcome the court’s decision, which is consistent with our long-standing position that we have complied with all applicable laws and that Amazon has not been given special treatment,” it said.

But the anti-poverty campaign charity Oxfam called the ruling a “blow” to force organizations to pay their fair share and to stop Luxembourg from acting as a “tax haven in the heart of Europe”.

“The epidemic is pushing people into poverty, while the beneficiaries of epidemics like the Amazon and [its founder] Jeff Bezos sees their wealth flowing without paying their fair share of taxes, “said Chiara Putaturo, Oxfam’s EU tax expert.

For the third time, European Union judges ruled in favor of Amazon, saying the commission failed to show that any multinational company had benefited from state aid. A million million euro lawsuit Against Starbucks The coffee company was overthrown in 2012 The European Union’s Supreme Court is appealing a commission against last year’s Apple decision in the European Court of Justice.

The EU General Court on Wednesday ruled in favor of the commission, which was formerly known as the GDF Suez, to deal with the engineer in Luxembourg. Brussels has ordered Luxembourg to return অভিযোগ 120 million in illegal state aid allegations from the agency in 2018.

The court rejected Luxembourg and Angie’s argument that the commission had gone too far and followed “tax consolidation in disguise.”

The court said, “It cannot be disputed that the Angie group received the desired tax treatment,” the court added, adding that the commission had brought enough evidence to claim that the law had been violated.

The Luxembourg government said it would study the verdict “diligently”.

Tov Maria Redding, tax coordinator for the European Network for Development and Development Groups, said opposition court rulings made it difficult to use state aid legislation to collect taxes.

“We urgently need to start treating the underlying disease, which is a deeply outdated and ineffective corporate tax system,” he said.

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