Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

It is said that a “systematic campaign” has been launched in India to copy the products of other companies and search results have been released to promote its own version. Received thousands of pages of internal documents, including emails and business plans, detailing the practice.

A team of a private brand in India (which works ) Finding and targeting products using data from Amazon’s Marketplace and creating knockoff versions. The goal was to find “reference” or “benchmark” products and copy them. A 2016 2016 document details a plan for an Amazon brand called Solimo, designed for the Indian market. The purpose was to “use information from to develop products and then use the platform to market these products to our customers.”

The document indicates that the private brand group’s goal was to form partnerships with benchmark item manufacturers, as those companies “use unique processes that affect the final quality of the product.” The team wanted to gain insights from the manufacturers and use their own version of the so-called “Tribal Knowledge” to “match the value perfectly with our reference product”.

After knocking out, the company manipulates search results using a method called “search seeding” so that AmazonBasics and Solimo items pop up at the top of the page according to the document. The company has “aggressively” used a strategy called “Search Sparkles on PC, Mobile and App” to specifically promote Salimo products to ‘all product searches’ and from relevant searches to relevant customer searches. ”Sparkles is a banner placed at the top of search results.

“E.g. Reuters Do not share documents or their evidence with us, we are unable to confirm the veracity or otherwise of the information and claims. “”

The spokesperson added, “Amazon only identifies selection gaps based on customer preferences at an overall level and shares this information with all vendors.” “Amazon’s policy strictly prohibits the use or sharing of non-public, vendor-specific data for the benefit of any vendor, including vendors of private brands. This policy applies equally to all employees in our company. I am thoroughly investigating any reports from employees. “

This is the first time we have heard that Amazon has complained of copying another company’s product. Over the years, the company has been accused of instant pot cloning, And Names of a few. A It also indicates that Amazon has studied third-party product sales data on its platform to design and price its own products.

Regulators in India, United States And Has targeted Amazon for its alleged anti-competitive practices. Reuters Noting that the investigation in India is looking into whether the company has unfairly promoted its own branded products.

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