Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Amazon today announced several new Echo devices, and they come with some new Alexa features that users will be able to take advantage of. The most interesting, so far, new privacy features are coming to the latest Alexa device. Soon, US customers will be able to choose to process all their voice commands on their Alexa device. This means that these audio clips will not be sent to the cloud and will be automatically deleted after the Alexa device processes them.

The online retailer has had a lot of scrutiny over the years about the privacy implications of its smart speakers and displays. Back in 2019, Amazon added a toggle that allowed users Removal “Manually review” their voice recordings and message transcripts, and before that, the company added the option to delete your entire voice history with a single command. This new feature is based on this, but it will apparently only work with the latest Echo device with the AZ1 Neural Edge processor. According to Amazon, the feature will be available on the first fourth-generation Echo and Echo Show 10 and will come to more devices in the future.

Most of the other new Alexa features are only available on Amazon’s smart displays, such as the new ones Echo Show 15. First, Sling TV will soon be available on all Echo Show devices, adding to the already long list of streaming services accessible from Amazon’s display. Second, Echo devices with cameras will be able to use Visual ID, a feature that allows you to recognize Alexa in the camera view. By knowing who is in front of the camera, the device’s display can then present personal information such as calendar alerts and TV show preferences. It’s important to note that Visual ID is something you need to register – not an automatic feature – and you can delete your Visual ID at any time.

Amazon is also reforming Care hub, Which uses the Alexa app and compatible devices to connect caring and their loved ones with a new subscription service called Alexa Together. It basically allows caregivers to check in on others remotely and set up alerts, emergency contact information and more. It includes features like Emergency Response, a professional emergency helpline and Remote Assist, which allows caregivers to do set reminders, link music services and more to make things easier for their loved ones. Alexa will be available together for শেষে 20 per month at the end of this year, and current Care Hub customers can get one year of service for free.

Finally, Amazon has partnered with Disney To bring a new voice assistant to his smart devices. “Hey, Disney” is the entertainment giant’s own subsidiary built on Amazon’s Alexa technology. In addition to giving you character access to chat with the Disney universe, you’ll be able to set new assistant timers, reminders, weather tests and more. Echo users will be able to purchase the “Hey, Disney” assistant from the Alexa Skills store in 2022 and it will be available on Echo devices in hotel rooms at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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