Amazon is turning the hit sci-fi podcast ‘From Now’ into a TV show

Following And , Amazon Studios is turning another podcast into a TV series. , Which debuted in December, starring Richard Madden (, Marvel Eternal) And Brian Cox () Separated by time as identical pairs.

Madden plays the character of astronaut Edward Fitz, whose spacecraft will unexpectedly appear in Earth orbit after disappearing 35 years ago. The story relates to the aftermath of the brothers’ reunion, when Edward was old and his couple is now an old man. From now on Apple ranks second on the overall podcast chart.

From now on Creators Rice Wakefield and William Day Frank are adapting the podcast on TV. It’s not clear if Madden and Cox will republish their roles, but they will act as executive producers. Madden is already working with Amazon. He is currently filming Castle, A Prime video spy series from Russian brothers.

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