Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Amazon is launching a software update for its Kindle, PaperHite and Oasis devices that could make them easier to use. Company Announced Changes will come in the coming weeks Kindles The eighth generation and later, Paperwhites As well as the seventh generation and newcomers Oasis line.

First, the update will allow you to adjust the display brightness, toggle Airplane, Bluetooth and Sync modes, and swipe from the screen to go to all settings. A new bottom navigation bar lets you switch between home, the library and the book you’re currently reading.

Later this year, the company said “an improved home and library experience” is also coming that will provide a new library with “new filters and sorting menus, a new collection view and an interactive scroll bar”. The updated home portal will have a recent read section that saves 20 items, which you can access by swiping to the left.

Earlier this year, Amazon also added the ability to set up your Kindle screensaver (for those without ads) and a book cover to enable faster downloads. Kindles are the most popular e-reader and usually run a fairly basic operating system that can sometimes be difficult to navigate. These upcoming updates may not be a significant refinement, but they do make it easier to find common tools.

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