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The mass effect characters are standing in front of the Normandy SR3.

Liara T’Soni, Commander Shepard, Caiden Alenko, Verdonot Rex, Miranda Lawson and Garras Vacarian stand in front of the Normandy SR3.
Pictures: Bioware / EA

No doubt bUoyed by The word that The wheel of time A hit out of the gate, Amazon Studios again Reaching into her Worryingly deep Pocket Another genre of show funding: an adaptation Popular Bioware and Electronic arts video games Massive impact.

This news comes courtesy Deadline, Trumpeting the barely-initiated success tucked it into an article of any kind Robert Jordan Series. But it is understandable, both considerations are huge Massive impact Fan base That’s already in place, and that’s true Expansion Its going to be the sixth premiere and Last season: a Massive impact Series Has all the possibilities Amazon Next sci-fi sensation.

It has not yet been set in stone — the trade reports that the streamer “Near an agreement for development [the] Series, “but it bolsters With that some enthusiasts Comments from Amazon Studio Chief Jennifer Salke: “You will see that we continue to invest in all kinds of fantasy genres, we have a genre-centric team at the studio who work tirelessly on those slates with our creative partners, and you can look forward to more. “

There is no word on how we will look to move forward Massive impact– Possibly less than those who will show, direct, write and act in the series.But Salke was a piece of information Lord of the Rings, One of the seasons which is slated Arrive In September 2022. “The whole system is running on that show, it looks absolutely incredible and we can’t wait to launch it to the world. We know our global audience is hungry for advanced fantasy and favorite IP-based shows; We see with that The wheel of time, And Lord of the Rings That will be the focus of our year. ”

What do you think Massive impact News? AHey you Tuning In The wheel of time? As you do According to Amazon Studios, “hungry for advanced fantasy and shows based on favorite IPs”? Noise down!

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