Amazon Music adds simplified car modes to iOS and Android

The latest version of this Adds a feature known as iOS and Android apps Car mode. When the app detects a Bluetooth connection in a car or you turn on the feature manually from the menu, it switches to a simplified interface. It has swiped controls (including swiping), custom presets and larger text. You will also have voice control through Alexa.

Amazon suggests that it would still be a pinch for drivers to find new music while in car mode. The app protects predefined playlists, stations and albums, which can be customized. The company says it should reduce the long time browsing.

The feature is that it makes it easier to listen to music in the car while reducing the chances of driving the car. It should be effective for drivers without the latest infotainment system or one , And it works on all Amazon music subscription levels. Amazon notes that you should only use the Music app when permitted by law.

Spotified Similar car mode after 2019With the same goal of reducing the likelihood of confusion while in the vehicle. Spotify simplifies the UI while the mode is active. It releases eye-catching album artwork and enables larger control buttons.

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