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Amazon, Nike, and Other Bidders are Reportedly Circling Peloton

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After enjoying the lockdown-fueled peak during the epidemic, Peloton now Turning out of control. Product recalls, pThe fall in stock prices, a big drop in demand and the dangerous cameo of its bikes is not one, but Two Primetime TV show There is Roughly deleted $ 40 billion from its market value last year.

Now, with corporations reportedly queuing up to bid on embarrassed exercise equipment manufacturers, Amazon is the latest to drop its cap on several “potential suit” rings. The Wall Street Journal Friday report.

According to people familiar with the matter, Amazon is in talks with consultants about a possible acquisition. In addition, Nike Hall Assess the concept Make a Proposal, The Financial Times Report, Although these considerations are at an early stage and it has not yet spoken to Peloton. Several experts have emerged Apples As much as possible Buyer for Peloton, but that The speculation remains.

Peloton has not started a formal sales process at this time, but there is considerable interest from outsiders. About Comp acquisitionAny, a The person familiar with the discussion said CNBC. Of Share price Increased by about 30% After the news broke on Friday That Amazon could keep an eye on it.

Nike and Amazon did not immediately return a request for comment. We will update this article with their feedback.

How it is not immediately clear Could be Amazon or Nike Include Peloton technology or user Foundation In their respective Business model. Although a strong argument can be made for the e-commerce giant, As mentioned by the journal. For one thing, Amazon’s logistics will be handy One of Peloton’s ongoing supply chain problems could be a serious boon. Not to mention that Amazon has a history of investing heavily in health and wellness Industry: It already exists Fitness band’s own line, Hello band On In 2020 and Hello View that debuted December, and scooped up Whole food for more than that 13 Billion in 2017.

Of Peloton Existing subscription services could potentially integrate with Amazon’s Prime membership program, some Amazon did Before with its previous acquisition Per Pile Incentives for buyers to sign up.

If Amazon goes through sales, Peloton’s offers will become the most expensive hardware in its catalog. After the Peloton Hike Delivery fee up for some of its furnishingsment Earlier this year, tHe is all price Its real Stationary bicycle Now stands 1,745 When Of Treadmill Retail for 2,845.

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