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Almost Two weeks The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its Covid-19 isolation and quarantine guidelines, a decision some experts say. “Reckless and Dangerous”দ্বিতীয়The second largest private employer in the country has decided that a change was also needed in their epidemic response policies.

In a notice to U.S. staff on Friday, which the company provided to Gizmodo on Saturday, Amazon has told employees that it will reduce their pay leave for those who test positive for Covid-19 and those who come in contact with someone infected with the virus after reviewing the CDC’s new guidelines. The company’s quarantine and isolation period is now one week-seven calendar days-long, during which employees will be paid up to 40 hours of paid leave.

The notice did not mention a negative Covid-19 test to return to work. We reached out to Amazon to clarify whether it would be needed.

Amazon had earlier given employees 10 days pay leave. In fact, when The Covid-19 pay leave policy was established in 2020, the company said Staff are provided with up to 14 days off. Reported by the most recent notice The Wall Street Journal And Engadget.

According to the notification, the new policy will take effect “immediately” and will apply to all employees in the United States, whether they have been vaccinated or not. Still, Amazon says the “extra holiday option” is available to employees who still have the Covid-19 after one week.

“As we cover the COVID-19 epidemic, we are working closely with public health authorities and our own medical experts to determine the most effective ways to protect our employees and our community,” the company told Gizmodo. “We continue to believe that vaccination is the best way to protect our employees and the community from COVID-19. “

Amazon added that it has hosted more than 1,800 free on-site vaccination events across the United States.

The policy is consistent with the new one CDC guidelines Towards the end of December, it was announced that people infected with Covid-19 should be isolated for only five days without symptoms. Those who come in contact with Covid-19 must remain in quarantine for five days, the agency said. New instructions Done Widely criticized By experts For “misleading the public” in recent times and Isolation and quarantine leave so that people do not need to undergo negative testing, the latter of which can exacerbate the virus infection.

This is another significant change in Amazon’s Covid-19 response and policy for employees in recent weeks. In the light of December A Increased infection In the United States The new Omicron variant, even if its warehouse workers are vaccinated, will have to mask it again.

Amazon’s announcement came Day after day Walmart, The country’s largest private employer, has reduced sick pay leave from two weeks to one week for people affected by Covid-19 or who have to stay in quarantine due to exposure. Individuals who become ill after the end of their paid leave may potentially receive an “additional covid-related pay for up to 26 weeks.” Reuters reported.

The decisions of Amazon and Walmart could open floodgates and inspire other employers to adopt similar policies. While the economy is certainly important, a drastic change in policy could force workers to make a difficult choice: go to work sick or not get paid. In the end, though, refusing to support sick or possibly sick workers and letting the virus spread could cost us even more in the long run.

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