Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

It’s all powered by Amazon’s latest AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which runs machine learning-based speech models faster than its predecessor. It has a built-in 5-megapixel camera and mic for video calls, both of which can be turned off when not in use. It comes with Visual ID, a facial facial recognition feature that can recognize the person in front of the display to show reminders, notes to other family members, and their specific upcoming events.

Echo shows start at 15 $ 250. There will be additional costs for additional accessories such as countertop stands and under-cabinet mounts.

A videophone for kids

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In the last epidemic year, one of the biggest struggles was to connect small children remotely. It’s best to pin them to a sofa while staring at grandparents on the screen. Amazon’s Glow seems to be one of the most promising devices to look at that has yet to help with it.

The 14-inch tall Freestanding Tower has a built-in 8-inch display. At one end, an adult downloads the Glow app to an iOS or Android tablet. At the other end, Glow projects an interactive puzzle, story, or drawing activity on a 19-inch mat in front of the baby. In addition to the mat, the tower comes with an alloy glow bit package that allows the child to manipulate by hand, such as a tangram. Adults read or play side by side and everyone gets to see each other’s faces. (There is a physical shutter to prevent someone from snooping when the device is not in use.)

The Glow has been one of our two favorite baby devices for the past few years, a kind of love child, the Osmo tablet and the Facebook portal. Amazon says it has partnered with some big kid entertainment companies like Disney, Sesame Street and Nickelodeon to create completely new original content for Glow. It will retail at a starting price of $ 249 and a final MSRP of 29 299. Hopefully, it will be shipped well before the winter holidays begin.

New update to Hello

Photo: Amazon

Last year, Amazon launched its new fitness tracker, Hello, Which – instead of counting your steps or tracking your exercise – measures your body fat with a picture and teaches you to be more beautiful. This year, Amazon is launching a complete update to make Hello a more comprehensive fitness tracker with features like Hello Fitness, a studio workout service and Hello Nutrition, which has partners like full body and weight watchers and pulls from a menu of 500 recipes to make you eat better. Will help. All services will be included in the Halo membership.

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