Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

It is now clear when Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama will be forced to vote. Second union election. As MotherboardIts Lauren Cowrie Girl Comments, The National Labor Relations Board has sent a notice that employees of the BHM1 perfection center may begin voting by secret mail ballot on February 4, with the counting of votes beginning March 28. Anyone hired by the company from the first week of January 2022 is eligible to consider joining the retail, wholesale and department store union.

The NLRB determined that and ordered a new vote Amazon has intervened With First union election As early as 2021. RWDSU filed 23 objections after 1,798 to 738 “no” votes, alleging intimidation of Amazon workers as well as the installation of an unauthorized mailbox to provide anti-union content such as badges and symbols. After an investigation, the NLRB found that Amazon had “publicly disregarded” the mail voting process, making a fair election “impossible.”

RWDSU was not entirely satisfied with the notification. A. Statement, The agency claims that the NLRB’s decision “failed to adequately prevent” Amazon from abusing the vote. Amazon, meanwhile, has been repeating its comments since November in response to Engadget’s search. It maintains that warehouse workers voted against joining the union “unreservedly” and that it was “disappointing” that the NLRB rejected the election.

Bajimat is more like before. A pro-union vote would give warehouse workers the right to bargain collectively, which they could use to improve wages and working conditions – both frequently. Point of contention. Whatever the outcome, it is safe to assume that the election will be re-examined by politicians and celebrities who see it as a turning point in the labor of the internet shopping giant.

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